Identification from MusicBrainz problem

Hi, sorry to bring this back but I’m trying to make Roon identify my releases and I have some doubts.

I’ve uploaded my discography to Discogs, but Roon’s not getting info from there.

Sooo, thanks to @ndrscr 's advise, I started adding releases to Musicbrainz, but I have a couple of questions and maybe @joel could help me.

-How long do I have to wait to check if the information is picked up by Roon?

-If the release has already 6 options, and none matches mine, would Roon add a 7th or is there a cap on release quantity for identification? Like in this case:

-And in this case, where #1045 and #1231 are the same release, from the same label, BUT one is made in Argentina and the other in Chile, does Roon makes this difference, or will it just give me one option?

-Would adding the Musicbrainz ID numbers to the file via Picard make any difference?


From my experience, it takes at least 48 hours but never more than a week. If a release doesn’t appear in the Roon dataset after a week, it either

  • didn’t make it into it because Roon might not deem it to be different enough from what it already has, see
    Release versions missing in Roon (present in Musicbrainz)

  • it didn’t make it as a version of an existing release but as a new release, which on rare occasions also may not be found easily or only with a certain search term.

Hello again,
Still trying to understand why could it be that Roon does not offer this release on Identification process:

I’ve submitted it awhile ago with a lot of information, but I still get the option for “Import” and THREE
Transmission versions but not this one which is from a different label and country.

Will I ever get to see my version?


Hi @macaumetal,

We have logic in place that is used to determine which versions appear here, so we can’t guarantee that the data that you enter into Musicbrainz will result in a new version appearing here. We do our best to automatically show interesting versions of the album here and not be overwhelming with many nearly identical versions.

Hi @dylanfor the answer. I understand your point, but what’s the point of giving the possibility to identify my release if it’s going to be limited to “some” options Roon considers.
If I’m given options I’d like to have these options.
Honestly I don’t think there would be a lot of people complaining for “too many” options to identify releases.
Anyway, thanks again, I’ll have to let it go and settle for the versions offered…

Thanks for the great feedback, @macaumetal. Since things are currently working as designed, I would recommend also posting your suggestion in the Feature Request section of the site.

Our product team and developers keep a close eye on that category, so that’s definitely the best place to propose a change like this and get feedback from the Community.