Identification of Movie Soundtracks & Classical Albums

Two suggestions.

  1. the program is not written as completely as it could be to identify Movie soundtracks. Most show up in O for original sountrack but others are written slightly different with the name of the movie first for example the movie Michael and it ends getting put under V for various
  2. Classical albums should be listed under the composer so all the Beethovens show up together

Hello @Dr_Dave_Barr,

I have moved your post over to our Metadata issues category where we focus on more metadata-specific issues. Can you please post a screenshot of what you’re seeing for the metadata for the Original Movie Soundtrack vs the one’s that are appearing under Various? Also, can you post a screenshot of Beethoven not showing up as the composer?


Sorry this is under the wrong thread but I’ve been distracted by life.
Movie Soundtracks.
Majority are written:

  1. Title
  2. Original Soundtrack
    Some are written
  3. Title
  4. Various artists
    A big new famous one that is yours is written
    1 A Star is Born Soundtrack
    2 Lady Gaga/Bradley Cooper
    All should be input as the first in this list thus placing all in the same spot
    With regards to Classical music listing under the artist as you do places Beethoven et al all over the map rather than under Beetoven.
    Listing under artist for other types of music is fine.
    Finally i loaded one of my favourite complilations and Roon can’t find the album cover though they could find the album cover of one of the songs in the complilation. The label is fone with an accent grave (French) don’t know the italian on the e,Title is AUDIOPHILE TRIP On the shoulder it is Audiophile Trip Superaudio cd 015
    On the listing Roon came up with they have mispelled the editors name. It is guilio cesare ricci and editor is written after the name as editore
    Happy New Year!

Dr. B

Hey @Dr_Dave_Barr – let me see if I can help here.

Some example here might help – instructions for posting screenshots are at the end of this post. I’d recommend posting screenshots of any albums that don’t seem to be showing up in the right place.

This isn’t really how Roon works. In other music apps, you can pretty much put whatever information you want in each field, and the app just displays whatever you type in.

Roon actually understands your music, so the name under the album is going to mean “the person who performed the music on this album” and the names in the composer field are going to mean “the people who wrote the music being performed on this album”.

In Roon it’s easy to find Beethoven’s page and see all the compositions he wrote in his lifetime. And it’s easy to go to the album browser and view all the albums on which his music was performed.

But Beethoven didn’t release any albums in his lifetime, so Roon isn’t going to work the way you’re thinking. Many people find this to be quite different from the apps they’ve used in the past, but I’d encourage you to keep an open mind. Many apps are designed for pop music, which forces classical fans to come up with their own systems and workaround in order to find some Beethoven.

In Roon, the name under the album should roughly translate to “the name on the front of the CD”, but it should still be easy to find the performances of Beethoven’s work in your library. If you have questions or feedback, please let us know.