Identification of new Rubinstein box set

Artur Rubinstein - The Complete Album Collection (142 CDs).

The Rubinstein is identified as far as I know. Right @joel? I have only three discs of it but they have full metadata. Maybe you have an identification problem.

Hi @Ludwig, @Gaetano_Roberto,

the link points to the newly released Rubinstein Box.

I do have most of the older “Rubinstein Collection” releases that also were available as single CD’s “outside” the complete box at the time. As you said, there seems to be metadata in Roon for most of those releases.

I think this the “old” box.


and that’s the “new” one.


so we might talk about different releases here.


Yes, I confirm that I’m talking about the new box set. As a side remark, I think it would be nice to have a way to display the single volumes album art when selecting a disc.

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The new Rubinstein box set is identified on my computer. Generally it helps to have files tagged with the correct CD numbers.

Yes, I have correct CD numbers for each track.
BTW, I eventually managed to import the box set via a series of merges of single of multi-cd releases assembled by Roon.

I have both the old one, which has full metadata, and the 3 interesting discs of the new one, which also has full metadata.

Hi Gaetano,

I’ve separated these posts into their own thread so we can get to the bottom of any failure to identify you might be experiencing.

Am I right in thinking that the new box set now identifies for you ?

Yes, now it is identified correctly.
As a matter of facts, I’m wondering whether if could not be the case to re-split it in 142 separate albums in order to enjoy the delicious old-school artwork. Maybe the single CDs have a chance to be identified even outside the box, haven’t they?

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Only if they have been separately released as albums.

I also like to see the original artwork. I often split up box sets into individual albums. It usually works fine. Here’s how I do it:

  1. If the box set is already identified in Roon, move it from a watched folder to another folder on your disk that is not watched by Roon.
  2. The information about the box set is still stored in the Roon database. Roon will need to forget about it, so click Settings->Library->Clean up library.
  3. The trick is now to rename the subfolders of the box set to something that does not contain the strings “CD” or “Disk” which are the hints for Roon to group the CDs. Call them “Rubinstein 1”, “Rubinstein 2” or something like that.
  4. Make sure that the file tags contain the correct disc numbers from the box set.
  5. If you now drag the files into a folder watched by Roon again, you will get 142 individual albums named “Rubinstein - The Complete Album Collection”. They are correctly identified, the cover art that is stored in your subfolders is displayed, but you will have to rename the albums titles one by one.

Exactly, I’ve done that sort of thing too.

It’s a big feature, but would be great if Roon allowed/offered more complexity here.

Yes, I second on that the model album->discs is far too simple to be able to model these situations.
What I think is needed is:

  1. the ability to describe a hierarchy of levels - the Rubinstein set isn’t a good case in point, but think about the Mozart 225 or whichever “Complete Works” set: normally you have something like Complete Works->Quartets->Early Quartets->Single discs.

  2. the ability to attach some attribute (Cover Art for sure, but also release date) to every level of the tree, not only to root or leaves

  3. the ability to browse in some visual manner the entire release content instead of being forced to scan the entire Disc1 | Disc2 | … | Disc N sequence.