Identifying album search behavior

I am trying to clean up some old unidentified albums, and I encountered the following interesting search behavior.

Trying to identify this Mozart compilation (Mozart – Mozart 225: Complete Trios (2017, 320 kbps, File) - Discogs):

The search algorithm displays zero results:

After continuing a variety of search terms (it is so frustrating Roon requires both Artist and Album, because it is hard to guess what “Artist” is being used, and which language the title will be cataloged under, or in which word order), I tried “Mozart Trios”, and lo and behold there it is (two up from what is highlighted):

Of course, I am confused, because the Artist and Album look to be identical to the first search which yielded nothing.

What am I doing wrong?

The second search is better to interpret without special characters for machines with software. Less usually brings more results, but it can also be more inaccurate, because the second bottom result is only half matching.

Interestingly, “Mozart 225” yields zero results too. I am surprised that colons and hyphens might represent challenges in 2022.

Try Mozart Trio 225 again

Mozart or Mozart 225 may not be enough for good accuracy and Mozart Trio was closer to it

I still don’t understand why some queries work and some don’t, and fundamentally what I’d like Roon to chime in on. For clarity:

  • Mozart 225: Complete Trios” (actual album title, as when actually matched): zero results
  • Mozart 225”: zero results
  • Mozart 225 Trio”: zero results
  • Mozart Trios”: shows up 23rd in a list of many results, including many that do not contain the terms “Trios” that Roon thought was a better or more likely match:

This is a trivial example: the more difficult examples are ones where I don’t know what might be the “right” keyword yet. For example, this (still unidentified, though Tidal knows it) lovely old recording of Capilla Flamenca performing Vivanco:

Is the (singular) Artist “Dirk Snellings” (as so much metadata assumes the director rather than the group), “Capilla Flamenca”, “Oltremontano”, or some combination of these terms? Regardless, what actually shows up in the search results are many Monteverdi Vespers recordings, seemingly ignoring the Artist field completely, and I have not found a method to show available “Capilla Flamenca” recordings regardless of Album. I have read that the search process was designed to “require” both fields, but I wish there was a way to search by Artist (which often means ensemble in early music) so one may browse all of the choices to select from what is actually available in the metadata.

Tips on how to game Roon’s search algorithm would be appreciated. [EDIT: I don’t intend the word “game” as a pejorative, but rather I am truly interested in how to leverage the search function better to obtain improved results (for me).]

I don’t know if it matters, but in the first search “Use File Tag Info” is Yes and in the second search it is set to no.


I don’t what this option does “under the covers”, but from a gui perspective it seems to populate the two search boxes with the values the actual files contain. In these examples it doesn’t change the results.


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