Identifying MQA Albums from Tidal from within ROON

I have noticed that Tidal is now showing a capital M with a box around it in the lower righthand corner of MQA albums similar to what they had been doing with the E for explicit material. I am seeing this when I go into Tidal from Chrome on my Win 10 machine.

If ROON could pick this up, then we would have a way to see what content in the library is MQA material.

Apologies in advance if this has been covered elsewhere. If it has, I missed it.


Thanks for the heads-up. I see the “M in a box” in the Mac desktop app as well. With any luck, this will make it easier for the Roon team to identify Tidal’s MQA albums within Roon.

Any update on this? It would be really nice to be able to ID an MQA track before you played it.

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It would be a great add on to the Tidal integration! Maybe use the same space on the cover where it says “CD”, “24/96” on library albums…


Is there any movement on this? I really like my Bluesound/Brooklyn Mytek DAC MQA source, but having to go into either the Bluesound app to find the MQA title or randomly guess the correct Tidal album from Roon is a bit frustrating. Thoughts?


I would love this too. I just searched Norah Jones and there are 3 selections of Not Too late. I can’t tell which one is MQA and there is nothing listed in the album info to reveal it

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This is purely based on my own speculation (guessing) but I have a feeling in my waters that when Roon releases MQA Core decoding we’ll also finally get to see the ‘M’ symbol when browsing Tidal.

It kind of makes sense to release both of these significant features together. I’m guessing it’s taking some time to get right. But I’m also guessing it will be worth the wait!

If it is such a day and night difference true believers tell us all the time, it must be easy to be identified by simply listen to each version for a few seconds.


I wouldn’t call myself a true believer to this point because I don’t have a decoder so the night and day thing is speculative.

If you play it, Roon will tell you what it is. No need for the capacity for “true belief”.


Would be nice when browsing Tidal albums to identy which are Masters versus CD-quality ones, in process of adding to Library. Yes playing 1 track will tell, now this is not a smart workaround.

Roon/Tidal support of MQA/High resolution audio is a market differentiator, let’s prioritize improving UX on associated use cases.

Patrick LP


I was just dealing with this frustration this morning! Searched for Joni Mitchel Blue. Two albums show on Tidal in Roon. I know one is the master but you can’t tell until you play it. I was wrong first guess and came back to play the other.

Just realizing there is an entry for this under Feature Request section. Let’s follow-up there:

Looks like this has been delivered…

There is now a “Masters” tab within the TIDAL Roon UI as of build 269 ?

This tab view is progress, but does not fully address the issue. As I do not have an MQA DAC, I prefer to avoid playing MQA files. With my current equipment, given a choice, I prefer to use Redbook files.When looking at a list of albums or tracks, I would like to see the resolution and encoding information displayed prominently, so that I can choose appropriately.


Hi, no that’s been there some months.

Ahh, I didn’t see that before… Sorry :frowning:

No worries! We’re all still patiently waiting for the ‘M’ symbol to come up when browsing Tidal (like the Tidal desktop app shows).

If you weren’t already aware, this is the best spreadsheet (so far) tracking MQA albums in Tidal:

Hope this helps!


@p-cubed Does the “browsing preferences” section give you what you’re after? Or are you also referring to Tidal?

Yes, I’m hoping to see the encoding information for Tidal (flac vs MQA vs mp3, sampling rate, bit depth) in the album and tracks listings. Then I can choose the version I want to play. Thanks.