IEMs: Apple Music Dolby Atmos vs Roon's Crossfeed

I have tested the new Apple Music Dolby Atmos service and I would like to share my opinion:
Album: The Nutcracker Track #1
Apple Music Dolby Atmos Setup:
Apple Music app on Macbook Air M1
Airpod Pro

Roon Setup
iPhone 11 Pro with LT-LT1 cable by FiiO (Lightning to USB-C)
BTR5 portable DAC, Roon with Crossfeed on (Chu Moy’s Setting)

I assume Dolby Atmos implementation is more for immersiveness when you listening to a track.
I tried to compare the first track of this album right around 2:10 when the Triangle instrument “rings”
It actually more “live” sounding with my Roon setup compared to the Airpod Pro Atmos sounded.
Same as Track #3 overall when the March starts

Have any of you tried? What’s your thought?