If I search for Dimebag Darrell, why does Roon not show Pantera?

Diamond Darrell aka Darrel Lance Abbot aka Dimebag Darrell.

Basically, many artists are credited on lots of albums but I cannot successfully enter their name in the search field and get an accurate result with all the Artist’s contributions. Dimebag is just once case. Simply shows if he was a composer and mentions he’s a member of Pantera. It does list his post Pantera band Damage Plan. However doesn’t list any of my “Roon Identified” Pantera Albums.

I want to see the songs that he was a part of, played in, composed and/or credited in. What am I doing wrong?


Dimebag Darrell has an aka of Diamond Darrell. His earlier stuff is credited to Diamond Darrell, yet his later stuff to Dimebag Darrell.

On his artist page, I see the last Pantera album, but not the earlier stuff, because the crediting is to the wrong Darrell (Diamond).

I think the aka should link the credits together and make these appears on work properly. If that happened, you actually see a whole row of “with Pantera”, which would be awesome.

I’ll see what it takes to get this done.

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Thanks, this is a small quibble. However it helps not just for this artist, but for the rest.

(ps. I was able to repeat your results.)

no way… this is just terrible… we can do a lot better here… this is just a case of 1 missing link making like 4 artists separate instead of together. our engine can totally figure this out.

I’ve added a work item to get this fixed.

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