Ifi Audio Neo Stream

Do we think they can get this one right straight out of the box?

I’ve kept being potentially tempted by Ifi, but then reports about bugs have discouraged me. They seem to have sorted quite a lot of that out, so I wonder if this new product might come to market feeling more ‘mature’. It certainly looks to have possibilities. I would just have preferred some digital ‘in’ connections, but I see that wouldn’t be possible in that chassis, given the excellent and very flexible output options.

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I ordered one today.


I’m guessing it might have benefitted from the software development on the Zen Stream.


Yes I have had a couple of other people tell me that it’s based on the Stream software which has gotten pretty good. Roon ready from the off is also great.

@Peter_Hafkamp will be great to get your feedback once you have it all working nicely. Might temp me in the new year, though I really don’t need another unit :man_facepalming:

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“No ‘bought-in’ platform. No specific control app”

So not based on Volumio this time ?

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I don’t really need it either, I’m just curious.

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I might need it. Make that want it :grinning:


Oh that’s interesting, I have two different people who follow this suggest that.

Interesting in that case that it is Roon Ready at launch, though that may he just the layer that they built on top of Volumio
Waiting for some reviews to come in and see how it looks.

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They include the RJ45 to Optical SC in the box. With Optical SC cable. No need to stress about what to do buy (if that connection interests you).

Lots of good info here:

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This product intrigues me but could my system sound better with this as an Endpoint if I already have a Roon Nucleus Plus which I run straight into my active speaker digital input via USB?

My Kii Three also takes XLR/ SPDIF Input.

I have the iFi Gryphon which has a similar DAC as the Neo Stream.
I happen to prefer the sound of the DAC in the Gryphon over my, more expensive, desktop DAC.
You may prefer the sound of the Neo Stream DAC over that in your speakers or you may like it less.
But I suspect it won’t be a huge difference.

I’ll be purchasing a Neo Stream to eliminate the need for a Roon Endpoint (MicroRendu) and a desktop DAC and to preserve the battery in the Gryphon (and save it for mobile use)
I’ll report back with my impressions.

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The iFi NEO stream arrived half an hour ago, playing over the balanced analog output to a Topping A90 headphone amp.
Sounds excellent.


How solid does the software feel?

Just tried the Roon only mode until now.

The software is the same as the Zen stream.

Is that a tweaked version of Volumio?

Sound quality compared to what?

I have heard mixed stories about this software.

A couple of people have said that it is Volumio and @dabassgoesboomboom has said that it was a bought in platform.

More interestingly @Peter_Hafkamp does everything work this time as promised?

The software is based on volumio, I tried it as a Roon endpoint and as a HQPlayer endpoint both working without problems.

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Thanks Peter, have you pushed it to DSD512 yet? :grin:

I bet it makes an amazing Roon & HQPlayer endpoint, though that probably pushes a lot of network traffic over WiFi if used.

It could well be a purchase for me next year