iFi Nano iDSD BL

Just got one of these for mobile and from laptop listening. Whats the best windows audio path to use ASIO or WASAPI? I am not really up on windows audio as never really used it for music.

Also is there a reason why Roon wont see it connected to my Android Phone? USB Audio Pro, Tidal and other apps work with it, but is does not show up in Roon under my phone.

Updated the firmware and now its locked at 384/24 sample rate on Windows as the light is white and does not change. So now I cant get MQA. Frustrating as it worked last night and works fine switching on my phone, Is there something in Windows os doing this as I have set it so it can be used in exclusive mode.

Edit. So it looks like I enabled ASIO after the update and MQA does not seem to pass through using ASIO. Switched to WASAPI and its all fine.

I always use ASIO.

Don’t get MQA passthrough with ASIO though it for some reason and the output seems to be at max pcm according to its sample rate light, which is white. Roon however says it’s playing at the native sample rate of the music as does Ifi controller software. Something odd here. Using the latest driver from Ifi.

ASIO should work is the strange thing. Is MQA important to you?

I would not say important but device should work so to me something seems off. I’ve just connected to a pi running Ropieee and it works but again it’s showing its playing at a higher sample rate according to the DACs lights Roon does not report this. Odd, will drop support at Ifi a line and enquire as 44.1 to 96 should light.up as Green not white.

I think the unit is faulty as the iematch socket only outputs on one channel and the lights are all lighting up wrong.

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Well egg on face I read the blurb on the latest firmware and apparently this version makes all output for PCM display a white light now, this explains why it worked yesterday as I only updated it today. So it’s working except the iematch socket output is only on one channel.

@Jake_iFi can’t say I am getting very good support for my issue with iematch. The item is clearly faulty but i have been asked to send it back for testing after only owning less than a few days rather than have a replacement. Not happy about this at all. Also not getting fast response to my replies back to support . It’s
now Thursdayy and still no where nearer fixing my issue or how to return it to Ifi or get a replacement unit.

I purchased via Amazon which comes direct from Ifi so I can’t get them to replace it as it’s a third party seller but I can send it back and get my money back . I am very tempted to return it to Amazon and do this.

Sorry to rant but I want a fully working unit it’s not too much to ask.

I am always wary about purchasing from 3rd party sellers on Amazon. Had several bad experiences.

Ifi are the seller through Amazon.

Exactly, they are a 3rd party seller. Even if it is the actual manufacturer, I have had return/replacement issues. That is why if it doesn’t say Amazon as the seller, I probably won’t buy it. Same for newegg.

Ah yes, leason learned.

Shouldn’t you be asking them? Not sure anyone here can help.

I have asked them. On here by their rep and via their support. I know no one here can help, just posting my experience.

Hi @Simon_Arnold3,

I shall chase up your case and make sure it is being handled, I am sorry you’re dissatisfied with the level of support.

We appreciate your continued patience.

Kind regards,

Thanks Jake but I got a reply last evening and they have agreed to replace it. I just need to send it back with prepaid postage they sent. Which I will do after the bank holiday.

Thanks for replying

Im noticing that using the Pi running Ropieee and this I am getting random clicks every now and then, its annoying but its not all the time. Seems to happen on hires material. I swapped to using my DragonFly Black and it was much better and noticed no clicks at all. I have tried the Nano self powered and charging from the pi it makes no difference. Roon reports nothing and shows bitperfect. So I assume the ifi draws more power than the DFB from the usb bus and could be the culprit? Would a USB hub solve this if its powered?

Have you tried WiFi of Pi? Pi shares the Ethernet with USB thereby causing contention, so WiFi may work better than Ethernet in some cases.

DragonFly cannot do higher than 96kHz.

Only with the newest Pi 3 Model B+ ?