iFi Nano iDSD Black Label - Roon Tested but not identifiable on Roon?

Just got the aforementioned portable DAC - but when trying to set it up with Roon, it is not identified (contrary to the “Roon Tested” icon on the partners page). What gives?

Flagging it to @support; tks.

What are you connecting it via?

Via USB to my Mac mini (used as core).

Have you adjusted the audio out on the macs settings?

Yes, but that’s not the point - I am simply wondering why iFi Audio devices, as Roon Tested devices, do not show up on the list of “selectable” devices for identification.

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Oh ok. Sorry.

Hi @ricgf,

Thanks so much for letting us know of this - and sorry about the trouble!

Normally, Roon Tested DACs should be automatically identified. However, if this does not work (as it seems to have been your case), you can use Find your Device to manually do so:

Please, let me know if that helps :slight_smile:

Hi @beka; but that’s EXACTLY the issue - the brand iFi Audio does not even show on the “selectable” list of devices…

Hey @ricgf,

Sorry for missing that :woman_facepalming: !

Could you please make sure the device is updated to the latest firmware? Also, could you please reset it?

Thanks yet again :pray:

There are no ifi devices listed at all, the whole manufacturer is missing.

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@support, I am still waiting for a fix here - the device is listed on the Roon Partners page, but is not identified in Roon.

Besides, some of the brands listed in the Identify tab are almost illegible due to black backgrounds - what gives?

Hi @ricgf

I just wanted to confirm that our QA team is looking into this and we’ll be in touch when we have more info. Apologies for the trouble!


I have two of these in two locations and they aren’t identified by Roon in either. Yet the product info on the iFi site says: “Also, Roon tested for simple set-up should you wish to give Roon a whirl.”

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I’m having the exact same problem…

Same issue here with the iFi Nano connected to a mac. No IFi showing up to manually add either. Any update @support ?

Hello @Kevin_O_Brien ,

We are still looking into this issue, thanks in advance for your patience here!

Just to note, the issue was resolved when I reverted the firmware of the iFi back to 5.2 (I did that for other reasons)