iFi Pro iDSD Roon Ready?

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Hi - I am trying to find out if the iFi Pro iDSD is Roon Ready. I don’t see any mention of Roon on the iFi www but, I wanted to make certain.

It certainly would be compelling if it is ready. One less transport!



I have one. Not Roon Ready.

Although, for no particular reason, I keep my fingers crossed for a firmware update.

However, in the same price range, this device is -

System Update With Limited Budget
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That’s too bad. This seems like a major miss on their part.

Thanks for the quick reply.

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Do iFi reps spend any time on the Roon forums? I don’t see any postings from them.


Naw, don’t think so.

You can always contact them on their own website if you want to put in your two cents about any future firmware updates.:wink:

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Anyone has any update of its MQA compatibility? I saw in a thread here to say that the MQA is only in the beta version firmware.

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Best to get all info direct from the horse’s mouth:


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Thanks for the link.

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I visited the official thread at head-fi.
iFi claimed that the Pro iDSD is current not fully noon ready.


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I was ready to pull the trigger and purchase a Pro iDSD, but I have trust issues. I just purchased a Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ instead. It will be here in a few days. I’ll be selling my Mytek Liberty a few days after the DAC+ is up and running.


Hi Vincent,

Unfortunately, the Pro iDSD is not Roon Ready at this moment in time. We are however currently working towards being Roon Tested.

I hope this answers your question, if you have any others please don’t hesitate to head over to our Support Ticket System and open a ticket with us!

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System Update With Limited Budget
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Thanks for the reply Jake. Since the device isn’t Roon Ready, I purchased a Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ instead. Maybe next year when I swap out, iFi will have Roon Ready products.

Thanks again,


DAC+ is not Roon Ready ,The Brooklyn bridge is Roon Ready.