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Windows 10 (Build 19033) Roon Remote, Ubuntu 20.04 Roon Core

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Description Of Issue

I have a strange issue with my ifi ZEN DAC connected to my Windows 10 Roon Client.
I can only select the Max Sample Rate of 384kHz on the ASIO Zen Dac Device and not on the Wasapi Device. On Wasapi I can only select up to 192kHz.



I wouldn’t bother if it is ASIO or WASAPI but whenever I listen to the ASIO device, stop playback and start a youtube video or any other app that uses the system OS mixer playback doesn’t start. The only workaround is to reconnect the ZEN DAC via USB.

All this doesn’t happen with WASAPI but there I am limited to 192kHz.
Is this normal?

You should speak to Ifi, Roon will only allow what the DAC reports it can handle. It’s quite common to have to have differences with WASAPI and ASIO.

Hi @freelancr,

Having different rates per driver is not too unexpected here, but this part is:

How long after you finish using the DAC is is still blocked? If you are still unable to play content even after 30 seconds, then it sounds like the ASIO zones isn’t being released right, if you try to reboot Roon instead of unplugging and re-plugging the Zen, does that also allow it to start working again?

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