iFi Zen Stream - No sound after restarts

Somewhere along the way changes were made that cause there to be no sound when restarting the Zenstream. In order to get sound again, you have to go into Roon settings for the ZenStream, open the settings then close them again. This has to be done every time the stream is turned off. It’s been this way for a while now and I have just been dealing with it as I leave my stream on, however, a friend of mine recently purchased a ZenStream and has the exact same issue, so it is a problem.

I noticed there has been no updates for the stream for a long time, it’s still running on 1.8. Has anyone else noticed this glitch yet? is there a work around or a pending update?


Hi Darius I have had this happen once recently, but only the once.
Are you in AIO mode or Roon only mode?

I just turned mine on now to test (AIO Mode) and it has remembered that it was on USB (it switched back to SPDIF once).

There is an update if you go to iFi.local/dev and enable the beta update option as below

Then go back to settings and run a system update and you should see as below

Hopefully this helps


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Hi Michael, I run mine in roon exclusive mode and using coax since day one. Never had this issue in the past, it just started happening one day, guessing after one of the roon updates.

If you run Roon exclusive mode then SPDIF is the default output (nobody knows why) so that seems strange. Having used the Stream with Coax I can say Roon only mode was a big improvement over AIO mode.

Well it might be worth switching to AIO mode doing the update and putting it back into ROON only mode.

Thanks, I will give the update a try today and see if it fixes anything.

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