iFi Zen Stream will not update it's version form 1.7 (build 571)


I have the iFi Audio Zen Stream hooked up to Roon now and it is working, but when accessing the Settings > About page from Roon on a Windows 10 PC, I can see the Zen Stream under the Roon Bridge section. It automatically checks for an update, but then comes back with an error saying ‘There was an error checking for an update.’ and no other details given. It is stuck on Version 1.7 (build 571).

Picture of the error message: https://imgur.com/gallery/KS01rq9

Any ideas or instructions for how to get it to update would be appreciated.

**For what it is worth, I set the Zen Stream to be on static IP address from the ‘iFi Streamer’ app on my Android phone, but left the DNS settings to automatic (default). Not sure if this has anything to do with it. My NUC that runs my Core is also on a static IP address, but neither are having any issues accessing the internet or home network. I have tried setting the back knob to settings 1 and 2 for app connection and Roon only and same thing happens where the check for update fails.

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I am on the same boat, roon does not update my zen stream for some days, gives an error when I try to update it.

I am on the same old version waiting for a fix for almost a week, contacted support but got no answer.

I am using roon on a nas, so is noa a windows problem.

So still waiting for a fix.

iFi shipped Roon Bridge incorrectly in an earlier firmware. We told them to stop doing that and they fully completed their RAAT SDK implementation and they are now properly Roon Ready.

You have very old firmware and absolutely need a firmware update on the iFi Zen Streamer.

You will not be able to upgrade that Roon Bridge because it is a strange experimental pre-release firmware.

Instructions on how to upgrade the firmware:

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I think we are on the latest firmware, I will contact IFi.

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Yes, we have the same firmware in iFi which I believe is the latest for the Zen Stream at 2.30.7. I submitted a ticket to iFi yesterday, but they seem to rarely respond - probably such a ticket backlog. I also submitted a ticket to Roon Support, but have not heard back yet and may be unneeded if this is a total problem on the iFi side.

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Hi @danny , I checked and I already have the latest firmware for the Zen Stream @ 2.30.7 and successfully updated it when I first set it up. See pics of my settings applied to the Zen Stream here and the firmware version: https://imgur.com/gallery/ECNnjDE.

I bought my Zen Stream in Feb from Audio46. Is the solution then to return it to them and then buy another? How would I ensure I am getting the latest version/model from iFi on the next purchase to make sure this doesn’t happen again?

There is a possibility to completely replace software on Zen Stream. This the software to which Factory Reset leads. It will contain newer Roon Bridge.

I’ve received access to that from local iFi service centre and it worked fine for me. They use it for devices that were bricked or experience non-typical problems.
I can share that but I’m not sure what happens with your warranty etc. in case that fails.

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Thanks @Piotr_Pekala, yes will you please share with me what they sent you, instructions and files, and I will take a look and decide if it is something worth doing while I wait to hear back from the iFi team to get back to me on my ticket.

@Piotr_Pekala how long ago did iFi send these files to you? Just want to be a little sure that they are the latest versions of these files and iFi hasn’t released any newer ones yet. I downloaded them all but have not used them just yet.

It was 3 weeks ago.

Hi @Ricardo_Ramos @SweatRiley have you tried going to the web page and adding /dev on the end of your IP address or http://ifi.local/dev.

If you enable beta update, you should get the latest full Roon Ready version when you check for update in the web page.


I have just checked again this morning and mine has gone from 2.31.4 to 2.31.6 and it looks like they are iterating these quite quickly as they look to release the fully Roon Ready version publicly.

Hi @Ricardo_Ramos and @SweatRiley I just wanted to let you know that we’ve reached out to IFi and provided the link to our thread here.

Hopefully, they’ll be able to chime in and offer some assistance on how to proceed. Alternatively, I’ll let you know if I hear something back and what steps you can take to remedy your issue.


Thank you @Wes, @danny, and others. I tried the beta firmware to no avail - just led to even more issues. I factory reset the Zen Stream, per iFi’s instructions, then updated the firmware and again experienced the same original issues.

iFi support got back to me on my ticket # 40858 and they are having me mail in my Zen Stream to be serviced so hopefully they can fix my unit. More importantly, hopefully, Wes, through your contact directly to iFi they will put out an update to their firmware to resolve this issue for others.

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Yes I had the beta before going to oficial again, unfortunately the oficial that before could be updated in roon the impossibility to do it now renders the unit a brick for me.

The beta is buggy, I will wait for IFi to resolve the issues, I have more streamers and this does not bug me too much, from my streamers IFi has been the most stressful experience since the beginning unfortunately.

This unit was since is launch behaved like a beta test unfortunately.

It has been one long beta test, but don’t worry I’m sure that version 2.2 of the hardware will have everything sorted.

Joking aside it’s a great little device that has been beset with software issues and over promises since release. Yet as a Roon endpoint I have used it for many hours a week in my study with no issues at all (ok plenty of MQA issues)

I’m certainly enjoying mine this morning.

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iFi Audio just replied to a thread of mine on Reddit and they just released major firmware update release notes for the Zen stream!! This is big news! I hope they pre-install all of these updates on my Zen Stream I just mailed to them for repair.

Development Team Update - Episode One - iFi audio

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I just got the Zen stream back from the iFi repair center and I am still experiencing issues. Picture and description below. Is there anything you can do to help? I feel that it needs to be sent in for repair again.

  • The Zen Stream shows in Roon Settings > Audio as a Roon Bridge device when the Exclusive Mode is set to 1. However, it still does not appear as a Roon Bridge where it needs to in Roon Settings > About. It should be showing up as a Roon Bridge here but it is not.
    • So, I still cannot access the version of Roon and update the version because Roon is not recognizing it as a Roon Bridge.
  • The Zen Stream will playback music over the USB connection only when in Exclusive mode 1. As soon as I flip it to Exclusive mode 2 for Roon-only, it cannot read the USB connection and will auto-change to the SPDIF connection which I do not use.

I sent this over to iFi in reply to my ticket that is still open.
Zen Stream as Roon Bridge not showing up at all in Exclusive mode 1 or 2
Exclusive Mode 1 allowing the USB connection I need. USB connection is saved as the preferred in the iFi local settings already
Exclusive Mode 2 only allowing SPDIF connection and not USB.
Roon Zen Stream in Exclusive mode 1 - shows Bridge connection however does not actually function or show up as Roon Bridge in Roon - Settings - About

Hi there, from memory you need to move it to all in one mode for an update to function.

Though I would go down the route of updating the firmware to the latest version as it is Roon ready and no Roon bridge updates required

Thanks, but it is already on the latest iFi system version after getting it back from iFi’s repair which is 2.31.7 for me.