IGMP Snooping and Roon multicast traffic

What type of multicast traffic does it send out? Is it IGMP, which is used for IPTV? I have a switch coming in that has IGMP snooping, I need it because there is a DVR from u-verse on this switch and to get that to function it needs IGMP snooping turned on. The gateway is in another room and I have only one CAT6 cable to the room where the roon core and the DVR are located. Any idea if this is going to be a problem?

@support - sorry I forget to add you on this. Do you have any idea what type of multicast Roon uses?

Does anyone have any idea about what type of broadcast packets Roon sends out? I am having a possible issue with wireless, I want to put my server on wire but having an AT&T dvd on that wire means I have to have a switch that supports IGMP v3 snooping. I have only one drop to this area so I cannot use VLANS. I saw a post where support stated that some smart switches cause problems due to the use of broadcasts by Roon. Any idea if these are UDP or IGMP?

@support Solved, Roon will work with a switch running IGMP snooping. i am surprised that nobody seemed to know the answer to what kind of broadcasts Roon uses. Now to my other problem of the server shutting down every few days. Hopefully putting it on Ethernet instead of wireless will help, I was seeing network issues also when the client was shutting down. Took a while to put it all together but I will see if the network issues and Roon server shutting down are related.

Thanks for the hard work. I’m still figuring out why roon remote doesn’t work between blue and green networks - even with proper ports open. I think this is the answer…

Roon will work perfectly fine with most unmanaged switches. However, with some managed switches you will need to work with the IGMP settings, for instance some Netgear switches.

IGMP - Multicast

I would simply like to know how Roon uses multicast? Is there a multicast group address that roon is using at L3? Multicast over Layer II is pretty simple and straight forward - not crossing L3 boundaries.

I suspect you might need Multicast enabled for whenever Roon crosses multiple ip (L3) subnets. For instance, wired devices are on a separate VLAN that wireless devices and therefore you’re into a Layer III topology. When I think about streaming music or video on a home network, I get the need for multicast. Hoping to not have to get out a protocol analyzer.

Roons discovery will not work at all over different vlans or subnets. All need to be on the same one to work.