Illegal integration of Tidal Connect

@spockfish Did you see this? GitHub - lovehifi/Tidal-Connect-RopieeeXL Seems illegal to me.

Yep saw it. Can’t prevend stuff like this, except making it explicitely clear that in no form I support this or endorse it.


Just so I can understand, what is actually ‘illegal’ here - the Tidal Connect add on itself or the RopieeeXL integration without @spockfish’s consent?

See Adding Tidal Connect - #74 by volumio - Suggest a feature - Volumio

Besides the link from @Paul_Hermans for me it’s also about using the name RoPieee.

It’s not illegal to do so (there’s no trademark), but it is at least far from chic.

So again: this will not land in RoPieee and everyone that does so is on his/her’s own if there’s a request for support.


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@spockfish Is there any chance you could incorporate ‘Tidal Connect’ , maybe using

Seriously? Have you read anything at all in this thread?

@spockfish I am very sorry Harry, I did not mean to upset or offend…
I had not read the ‘volumio’ thread as I wasn’t interested in that, just your product, but reading it now I see that maybe what I linked to was the ‘bad’ code, in which case, I hadn’t realised.
(The rest of this thread was only 5 posts, so managed to read that :wink: )
I did do a search of the ‘RoPieee’ section on this forum & this was the top post mentioning Tidal Connect, so didn’t go any further.
Is Tidal Connect not a possibility for RoPieee XL, like Spotify? [asking for a friend :wink: ]

Tidal connect is performed by Roon core.
Ropieee XL also allows playing music from a compatible airplay (nice with an iPhone) or bluetooth device (not tested by myself).

XL also allows for UPNP. You can use mConnect to stream Tidal. Pretty clunky though, IMO. I prefer using Roon just for the interface. So slick. If you’re on a budget though, this is a good option.

Could someone clarify if this means Ropiee will show up as an additional Roon Endpoint and within Tidal app, Ropiee will be displayed under the “Tidal Connect” devices?

The post you are referring to was in error.

That post confused Tidal streamjng thru Roon via Settings=>Services and the Tidal Connect app.

Two different things.

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How do Volumio do Tidal connect? I assume they have to pay to license it as it’s in the paid My Volumio tier.