Illegal integration of Tidal Connect

@spockfish Did you see this? GitHub - lovehifi/Tidal-Connect-RopieeeXL Seems illegal to me.

Yep saw it. Can’t prevend stuff like this, except making it explicitely clear that in no form I support this or endorse it.


Just so I can understand, what is actually ‘illegal’ here - the Tidal Connect add on itself or the RopieeeXL integration without @spockfish’s consent?

See Adding Tidal Connect - #74 by volumio - Suggest a feature - Volumio

Besides the link from @Paul_Hermans for me it’s also about using the name RoPieee.

It’s not illegal to do so (there’s no trademark), but it is at least far from chic.

So again: this will not land in RoPieee and everyone that does so is on his/her’s own if there’s a request for support.


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@spockfish Is there any chance you could incorporate ‘Tidal Connect’ , maybe using

Seriously? Have you read anything at all in this thread?

@spockfish I am very sorry Harry, I did not mean to upset or offend…
I had not read the ‘volumio’ thread as I wasn’t interested in that, just your product, but reading it now I see that maybe what I linked to was the ‘bad’ code, in which case, I hadn’t realised.
(The rest of this thread was only 5 posts, so managed to read that :wink: )
I did do a search of the ‘RoPieee’ section on this forum & this was the top post mentioning Tidal Connect, so didn’t go any further.
Is Tidal Connect not a possibility for RoPieee XL, like Spotify? [asking for a friend :wink: ]

Tidal connect is performed by Roon core.
Ropieee XL also allows playing music from a compatible airplay (nice with an iPhone) or bluetooth device (not tested by myself).

XL also allows for UPNP. You can use mConnect to stream Tidal. Pretty clunky though, IMO. I prefer using Roon just for the interface. So slick. If you’re on a budget though, this is a good option.