I'm having a number of issues after updating to Build 880, art missing or slow to load, Daily mixes take a long time to load

Roon Core Machine

Rock Version 1.0 Build 227
NUC Frost Canyon i7
500mb SSD drive
32GB DDR4 2666

Networking Gear & Setup Details

NUC (Core) and endpoints all wired to GB network switch

Connected Audio Devices

Windows 10 PC (control)
iPad (control)
iPhone (control)
Bluesound Node 2si (endpoint)
Bluesound Powernode x 2 (endpoints)

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

Most of my library is on my Synology NAS with a small percentage added from Qobuz
Cover art is slow to populate on the Home screen
When I select more… the art is really slow to load
When I play music, the background art isn’t there or is slow to load
When I select a Daily Mix (linked to Qobuz) and select play, it takes 30 seconds or more to play for the track to start playing. The cover art takes 15 seconds or more to show up and then 15 or more seconds later the track plays. If I skip a track the same delayed process just described happens again.
I’ve been using Roon for over a year and have never had these issues before.

Hey Robbie, are you still having trouble here? We changed the way images are handled in the most recent release, so you may notice some art is slow to load while Roon caches the images.

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