I'm looking forward to Roon being able to open copy click text, and hopefully translation!

I look forward to the roon client can open copy click text, and hope to add the translation function of information, so as to facilitate users in different countries in the world, which will be humanized. I am glad to see that some information annotations have introduced Chinese encyclopedia information, and sincerely look forward to adding these two functions in the future!

For the translations, there is an existing feature suggestion here, where you can add your support by clicking the blue “Vote” button:

Copying the TiVo reviews and biographies is most likely difficult because of TiVo’s copyrights

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You of course can make a screenshot and start from there. But it’s one page at a time and rather painful.

The displayed information is through a graphics engine and not ASCII text so you will never be able to select it and copy.

I should add, I have always assumed that the fact that it is not copy/paste-able is by design (Not a bug, but a choice), because of copyright issues with the sources of editorial content / metadata.

Well it actually works using the iOS OCR feature (see my post above).

Yes but that isn’t copy as the OP asked.

Yes. Just pointing out there is a way. Mostly painful but at least some way.

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Such an operation would be devastating

No doubt. Zero convenience, Zero fun. A pain in the back. For emergencies only.