Translate English info (e.g. artist biography) using an online translation service

Hi! I’m an Italian user. I have been using Roon for a few months with great satisfaction. I find really interesting the info related to the albums, to the artists, the reviews etc. etc. which, with the use of other software, were almost unknown, or at least not so easy to access.
Unfortunately, my understanding of English is not optimal and this fact dampens the degree of general satisfaction. I think this problem is somewhat felt by non-native speakers and therefore can curb the success of Roon that it deserves instead.
In my opinion a simple translation with Google, perhaps as an option, would be sufficient.
What do you think?

Hi @Ruggero_Chignoli, and welcome here ! Your English seems fine :slight_smile: !

Perhaps I misunderstood your question. But Roon already is translated to Italian.
Or, about 90% is translated.

Just go to settings. There, at language, you can select Italiano. See picture below.

On a related note : These translations are not done by Roonlabs, themselves.
They are done by the community : roon users, volunteers, people like you :slight_smile: .

So : if you want to improve or expand upon these translations : you can.
In that case, please checkout the translations forums : .
Most specifically, this topic : Translations for Roon!

These translations are normally done by a team of people, where one person takes leadership.
There probably already is an Italiano topic, but I cannot find it right now.

Hope this helps you out.

AH, I see I misunderstood. Sorry. You meant the biographies, reviews etc.

No, these are delivered by a third party. Not sure which one; allmusic I believe.
They are only provided in English; not in other languages.

We’ll have to keep this as a feature request, then :). No answer from me; sorry.

Thanks for the answer Marco, of course I was referring to reviews, biographies, etc.
I would like to underline how, in my opinion, it is important for the diffusion of Roon, the possibility of being able to read in our native language these very important news, notions, stories that can enrich us culturally and characterize this software.

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It would be interesting to be able to translate biographies, album information with a link that would copy the articles in Google Translator and open the browser (copy paste) or better integrated in Roon…


Feature request:
Is it possible to pass all infos about an artist/album… to an online translator?

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whould be nice, that the roon gui whould send the englich info to a translation service and display the result in the selected language.


I’ve moved this to the Feature Suggestions category, where it will be read by the Roon team. Don’t forget to Vote for your own suggestion…

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I agree. I agree. I agree.

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I am a user from China and I think this offer is great. Currently this problem is also bothering me! ! ! ! :thinking:

Since iOS 15, there is this option to translate marked texts into a foreign language.
This could be a great way for non-native english spoken people (like me) to read the lyrics, album reviews, and artist bios provided by roon in their own language.
Sadly, at the moment it is not possible to select those texts in the roon remote app.
The bad work-around is to make a screen shot of the roon app and translate the text from the OCRed photo (iOS does the ocr). However, it would be much easier to simply mark text in the roon app for translation.
So, dear roon developers, do your foreign customers a favour and make translation easier for them!
Thank you.

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FYI, there’s a related feature request that’s been going for a while.


Bonjour Les notices sur les artistes et les enregistrements sont uniquement en anglais et il est impossible de sélectionner le texte pour le traduire avec les outils de traduction automatique comme Google traduction.
Pourriez vous améliorer cela dans une prochaine mise à jour du logiciel.



Hello The artist and recordings notes are only in English and it is impossible to select the text to translate it with the automatic translation tools like Google translation.
Could you improve this in a future update of the software.


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This suggestion is very good. I really hope it can be implemented :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: