I'm sick of this - Tidal and Qobuz streaming issues through Roon

I am checking in the community to see who’s fed up with the way that Tidal and Qobuz streams through Roon??? Constantly getting error messages saying network problems every evening and throughout the weekend!

I reboot my router and modem every evening and it doesn’t do any good.

With what they’re charging us, we’re not getting the service we should be getting? I just know I’m fed up with paying these fees and having my music interrupted every evening and on the weekends. Anybody else feel the same way?


Is that a roon problem or a Qobuz or network provider problem? I have Qobuz and rarely have problems. I’d get one stopping of Qobuz music a month, I’d say. I am in the USA and have a cable modem, which is no great shakes. I have about 500mbits down and about 20 mbits up.

One thing I do have is a very robust internal network that is pro-sumer to commercial. Connectivity within my little kingdom is rock solid and reliable. (I use Ubiquiti access points and routers, and a protectli box running untangle as my router/firewall)

There is a lot of stuff between Qobuz and your ears, it could be roon or something else. That said, apple music seems to buffer a lot deeper than Qobuz and roon. As such, I NEVER have an issue with apple music; even when on my cell phone and driving though the hills of new england (Which has notoriously crappy cell service).



This is key…


I have had Roon, Tidal, and Qobuz for two years with never a problem with either. My internet service is AT&T U-Verse with 50 mbps down and 12 mbps up. I’m using a Roon Nucleus for my Roon core. The Nucleus and two end-points are connected by ethernet. I’m in the Atlanta, GA area. I reboot my U-Verse router about once per week.

When away from home, I have Roon core on my Dell XPS 15 laptop and use my Verizon Wireless iPhone and two iPads to provide internet service via 4G cellular hotspot data. That works well also streaming Tidal and Qobuz. For this application, I take my Meridian Prime Headphone Amplifier or use an AudioQuest Dragonfly Cobalt DAC. They are connected to the Dell using USB.


Works pretty much flawlessly with the rare exception when our crappy cell phone internet is really in the toilet, then it’ll skip tracks. Some basic suggestions for good Roon experience:

Roon core connected with ethernet to router/switch.
Roon core doing nothing but Roon coreing (if possible)
Separate your ISP modem from routing - get a decent router like Asus AX88U and connect everything by ethernet (thus switch(s) if you need them) and set DNS in the router to Cloudflare
If possible, endpoint(s) connected via ethernet
Logout of everything, change your Tidal password and log out of Tidal
Log back into Roon
Log back into Tidal from within Roon settings.

If that all doesn’t work, then drop a request to Roon support.


My internet connection is a mere 20 mbs, I have zero issues, my guess is it’s not an internet restriction per se , more likely internal network issues.

The buffering may differ between apps , eg. currently I am watching Netflix on WiFi many metres from the router with no buffering gaps.

My system is optical to modem then router then Ethernet from there on.

When I use WiFi eg. in the kitchen I get dropouts, the error messages the OP reports. So I don’t use it :smiling_imp:

Just my 2p


Explain your system set up.

Are you hardwired or wi-fi or a mix?

Running Roon server or ROCK? NAS and/or NUC?

Only streaming services or local library as well?

What brand/model of router?

The more you share the likelier tips can be given.

I’ll always complain about subscription fees :grin: but the Roon system is fairly good if overall system is set up appropriately.


I have no issues.

Explain your network, set-up, endpoints, etc. and a bunch of us will tell you what’s wrong with your set-up and suggest areas to change so you no longer have issues. Most people who are “sick of this” have done similar, made the changes, and we don’t hear from them anymore (I assume they are now enjoying uninterrupted streaming).

I never have issues except recently when there was some kind of internet outage that had a global impact…
I remember it being said of MQA that it will help clean the pipes in peoples networks, but I also think Roon is doing the same thing.
Once a local network is sorted properly, it works like a dream…

Mine was temperamental to my main system - and it was bloody irritating, I agree…

The cables from the wall (ADSL box) to the router (18m) and router to network/Nucleus (15m) were old, so I swapped them for a new ADSL box and shielded versions (RJ11 Cat5 and Ethernet Cat8)

Problem solved - 9 months glitch free

The shielded RJ11 was relatively expensive at ~£53, the Cat8 ~£15 and new ADSL box £12

I have had infrequent drop outs over WiFi to my KEF LS50W since, but I’m confident that’s just WiFi and rarely lasts long

I hope that helps

No never happens rock solid for me, yet some like yourself do have issues.

This is a good post.

If RoonLabs have the bandwidth, they would do well to write up and post a basic “troubleshooting and network set-up” document. Not all problems can be addressed but the basics elude many users, e.g.
- how to sort between problem sources, i.e. due to server software, due to Roon, due to network issues (including speed, high local traffic), due to Tidal or Qobuz
- preferred network set-up (wired vs wireless and well known bottlenecks)

I find that about 90% of actual Roon issues are sorted by deleting the current instance of Roon Remote and downloading a new copy (for example).

I used to have issues with slow playback from roon/tidal - but since i replaced my aging nuc with a later version its been fine.

Most of my system is hardwired - but I use 3 google wifi endpoints and my goldnote and lumin boxes stream fine with roon/mqa/hires music.

The only time the kitchen setup trips up is when you use the microwave - and it messes the wifi stream up

I have zero issues streaming Tidal through Roon. I use a NETGEAR Orbi satellite and then connect my Directstream DAC/Bridge II to the Orbi in my music room. No issues at all.

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I have experience the issues described by the OP and it can be VERY frustrating. I was ready to throw in the towel, but instead decide to upgrade my Wifi router and setup a separate 5Ghz SSID strictly for use with my Roon sever and endpoints, which are all connected via Wifi. After some analysis, I chose 5 Ghz due to interference from neighboring networks on the more widely used 2.4Ghz band with fewer channels. I’ve not had an issue since.

I echo the sentiment that the 1st place one should look is at their internal network setup. Especially if running wireless.

Good luck in getting it sorted out.


Same here. Large implementation with six AP’s with 1GB fiber internet on our property. Two of the AP’s are wirelessly bridged. We also have 5 Roon endpoints all using either micro or ultraRendu endpoints. With all five endpoints playing simultaneously we have none of the OP’s issues.

Unfortunately, some setups aren’t plug and play and they need to be tweaked and not everyone can figure out and fix every issue. Sometimes it’s worth hiring someone to come in and take care of it.

The idea of this hobby is to enjoy it, not to be frustrated. I hope you get this sorted. Good luck.

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No issues here, with a rock solid implementation of well configured Ubiquity routers, AP, switches and a 1Gb fiber connection.
Key here: well configured UDM-Pro router :wink:

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I have NO troubles at all streaming Qobuz through Roon. Everything works absolutely flawless. I use a standard modem/router distributed my IP, Roon-core sits on a Synology 918+. Nothing fancy, it just works fine and without problems.

Try the new release and see if this helps. They have improved the streaming side for Qobuz and Tidal to make it easier on networks.

I have had similar issies over a long time and went through every item on my network but unable to find any problems. I have tried the community for advose and the FB group but no useful solutions. My last resort was to buy a new router! I had no detectable issues with my TP Archer C9 but to my BIG surprise an new TP AX5400 solved my problems! Stable, fast and no error messages any more. But still no explanation as to what could have been the reason.