IMAC desktop controller slow with Nucleus + Cell phone Roon works OK

Nucleus + >NAS…everything connected via Ethernet.
Have been having problems with Nucleus for last month
when using IMAC Roon everything slow and hung up
cant access artists, tracks, etc without long wait times.
Often cannot pause music via Desktop controller.
Bottom line…been having lots of issues with My Nucleus+.
Often the App on my Android functions far better than the one for my IMAC desktop

As this seems to be a support request, I’ve moved it over to the Support section.

Hello @thomas_clark1,

Thanks for sharing the issue you’ve been dealing with in the past month. We’re sorry it’s been this long and we’d love to help right away.

Could you please take a moment to describe the devices that are part of your setup and how they are connected. You can use this post as a guide.

Thanks :pray:

Music files stored in qnap NAS-Nuclues + connected to NAS

EERO router

IMac desktop via WIFI

Samsung phone via wifi

Everything connected via Ethernet cables…utilize device that allows for more ethernet slots than router provides

have I left anything out?

Thanks for the details, @thomas_clark1.

Since this is only or particularly happening with your iMac, could you please reinstall Roon on it:

  • quit and uninstall Roon
  • turn off your iMac
  • unplug it for a few minutes
  • plug it back in and turn it on
  • download Roon from our website
  • install it
  • launch Roon

Thanks :pray:

I’ll give it a shot

I will try this but I think it unlikely it fixes anything.
I’ve been having ton of issues with my Nucleus for past 5 weeks of which this could be related to
Thanks again

Appreciate you giving it a try, @thomas_clark1.

As far as the other issues, would you mind giving us the context? Describing the issues you’ve ran into could help point us to the cause :nerd_face:

Thank you for asking
Already working with a guy named Dylan for past month
I’m told COO Brian involved

Hey @thomas_clark1,

Sorry for missing out on that thread - thanks for sharing that. You’re in Dylan’s capable hands (one of our technicians) :nerd_face:

I’ll be closing this thread as the conversation is escalated on the one linked above, but, if a new issue comes up, please, don’t hesitate to open a new one.