Images not loading

Recently seeing some image loading issues as well. I am in India. Used to work fine before. Do not think it’s a Roon metadata server issue. Couple of things you can check:

  • CDN issues: CDNs do have issues from time to time. You might want to do some testing using catchpoint to see issues affecting specific geographies.
  • Origin issue: One more thing you might want to check is the origin for the CDN that is serving the images to CDN. If it returns 404 etc for some requests, it might actually percolate forward to users depending on the path for the request in the CDN internal network

Another piece of info if it helps: This is happening from last about one or two weeks. This has nothing to do with 1.8 which used to work fine till about the mentioned timeline.

If you are running on the Roon user interface on Windows/Mac, when it happens, can you check your logs?

I’ll try … i run Roon on Linux on Wine … too many debug messages … so not the easiest thing … will try and see. I’ve seen this on my android tab as well. The core is on a separate NUC running ROCK, but i think that has nothign to do with it? the client pulls the images directly from CDN right?

just check the end of the log, it should be full of errors if you are having network issues… or maybe something else, or dns issues maybe?

either from the CDN (cloudflare mostly), or google cloud, or your Core’s db if it is cached.

I’m connected by ethernet powered by dual ftth connections amounting to a total of about 650mbps bandwidth. So Internet connection is not an issue. I’m unable to reproduce this right now.

Thanks for the pointer,s I’ll try to find debug logs if it recurs again. In the meantime you can check your gcp instances backing cf if you are noticing any 4xx or 5xx. If not,it was probably a temporary issue that got resolved.

Hey @Santanu_Sinha,

Thanks so much for reporting this and checking your logs - we appreciate it.

As it’s been a while since this conversation was first started, I was wondering if you’re still experiencing this issue?

Haven’t faced the issue since then. Will report back here again if i see anything

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