Import iTunes playlist without media files

My Core is a Nucleus. I subscribe to Qobuz. My only other music source is 9,000+ songs in iTunes on my Mac and several iPods with are synced to iTunes. Unfortunately, all the files are 320 kbs AAC.
Is there a process that can import the metadata from iTunes and find the CD+ quality on Qobuz? I don’t want to listen to the AAC files from my iPod plugged into my Nucleus.

Hi @David_Brown2,

There’s no way to do this in Roon, but you could use something like Soundiiz to migrate your playlists from iTunes to Qobuz and then use those in Roon:

Then, is there a way to physically copy the music file from iTunes folder to an SSD and attach it to the Nucleus?

From Nucleus Media Storage And Audio Devices:

Hi @David_Brown2,

Definitely! As noted in the article that BlackJack shared, you can either use an internal storage device or USB storage device and store the media that way so Roon can access the files.

If you’re wanting to keep your iTunes playlists in place, though, make sure to take a look at this article.

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