Import playlist from spotify or deezer

I would like to import playlist from spotify.
I don’t have a Tidal or Qobuz account because they cost money and I’m thinking about switching to Roon.

However will only switchif I can import my playlists.

Roon doesn’t support Spotify.

Hey @David_Knowles,

Thanks for reaching out - it’s great to see Roon has sparked your interest.

As you probably know, Roon is not a streaming service, but a music software that allows you to play music from multiple sources (live radio, TIDAL and Qobuz and your own local library if you have one) via your audio system.

If you wanted to see how Roon works, you can always give it a try. We offer a 14 day free trial:

Moreover, both TIDAL and Qobuz have 30-day free trials for new customers. If you don’t want to spend time rebuilding your Spotify playlists, you can always use free software like to transfer your playlists into TIDAL or Qobuz and access in Roon.

Cheers :smiley:

Thanks for getting back to me.

No, I didn’t realize that Roon wasn’t a streaming service. I somehow missed that.

I tried but it limits the amount of items that can be transferred.
TIP: I use which allows more syncs for free.

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