Import playlists to roon

Hi, I created a lot of playlists in spotify. Now I am not using spotify anymore and for most of these songs, I have a local copy on my music server. Is there any possiblity to transfer the playlists to roon, so that roon recognizes the songs? thanks!

if they are m3u

Thanks I already tried that, the problem is that roon needs the correct paths of the files on my file server to recognize the playlist.

When I export playlists from spotify, there are no file paths to my local files.

Is there maybe a tool like soundiiz that can transfer playlists to roon?

Soundiiz can transfer playlists but I believe it only does service to service. Spotify to Tidal etc. Fire it up and see it is free to try.

If you have a Tidal account (should work for Qobuz as well, I guess), you can use Soundiiz to transfer your playlists to Tidal. These should automatically show up Automatically in Roon

I don’t know if Soundiiz can go from Spotify to local playlists given the complexity of matching file paths and organization hierarchies etc

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Interesting. When importing my tidal playlist to Roon, does Roon play local files or do I require a tidal subscription to play these tidal files?

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Any thoughts?

You need a tidal subscription

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You can transfer music server using MusConv
I love to use this. This is an amazing tool to switch music server to more than 50 platform.

As others have said you can use a service like Soundiiz to convert (personal/public) Spotify playlists to Qobuz or Tidal ones.

But that doesn’t solve the issue of how to convert (manually or automatically) a Qobuz/Tidal/Roon playlist (pointing to tracks on Qobuz/Tidal) to an equivalent playlist made up of tracks in your local library.

I opened a request for such a feature here.


I know a company that offers those kind of services , converting online to local playlists and stuff like that … it evolves some manual work and some automated work … send me a private message if needed and i’ll provide details.

I guess that there are quite a few people with Roon playlists that contain tracks from various services, like Tidal and Qobuz. There is a neat tool that helps convert track sources from one service to the other… Soundiiz.
So, I thought I would export my Roon playlists and use Soundiiz to convert those tracks I had from Tidal to Qobuz. Works like a charm in Soundiiz (if Qobuz has the equivalent track or album).

But strangely enough and to my surprise, there is no playlist import function in Roon!!!
You can export, but not import?!?!!??!
Weird and annoying for playlist that contain tracks from different sources/services.
That would be a nice feature I imagine.

So, what one could do in the meantime (while waiting for Roon to add an import function) is, export those multi-services Roon playlists to Soundiiz csv. Import into Soundiiz, select relevant tracks for which you need the service to convert, make separate playlists for each service, open Roon and go to playlists for each service under Browse menu, select to create a local copy so it appears also under My Playlists and then merge them again.
But that’s still quite cumbersome, compared to just having an import function for playlists.

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