Playlists: Replace version/source of track in playlist

It would be great if there was a simple means to replace a track in a playlist with another version. ie. right-click->replace version

For example, if I have a playlist build of up tracks from both my local library and Tidal, then later switch to Qobuz or purchase a local copy of a particular track (in my playlist) there is no easy means to replace it with the local or Qobuz version.

The alternative is to manually scroll through a playlist, identify any or all tracks that look like they might be candidates for replacement, manually search for and then add the alternative version to the bottom of the playlist, drag the new/alternative version up to just below the old version, then delete the old version. This is fine for a few tracks but in a large playlist it’s not practical.

Additionally, if I search for a song and quickly add it to a playlist but forget to also import the corresponding Album to my library, that track is not available on export (to Excel). It would be useful if either these standalone tracks could be included in the (Excel) export or failing that for the orphaned tracks to be flagged up so that the corresponding album could be imported into my library and linked to that track. I mention it here as there seems to be some possible overlap with the request above.


Al least, to show different versions of a song (not just an album). This can’t so difficulty and would be an advantage over Qobuz or spotify standalone.