Playlist Improver: Feedback Thread!

Edit: Note this feature is currently only available in Early Access. Features in Early Access are typically released to the production version of Roon within a couple of weeks.

Hey all!

Really looking forward to hearing everyone’s feedback on our new Playlist Improver – please be sure to read the note I posted alongside the release notes, and let us know how it’s working for you!

I also took some time to do a quick walk-through of the feature:

Thanks everyone!


Here’s the note:

:rotating_light: :bangbang: Note :bangbang: :rotating_light:

We have tested this functionality extensively and don’t expect it to have unintended effects, but metadata is never perfect and bugs are always possible.

When testing [the Playlist Improver] in Early Access we recommend making a copy of your playlist before clicking Save – this way if you encounter any unexpected behavior or want to report an issue to us you can always compare the original contents of the playlist to the copy and clearly report any discrepancies back to us.

As always, we also recommend configuring regular backups when testing Early Access builds.


Maybe I am being obtuse but at least on smaller screens there seems to be a visibility problem in the bottom right corner where the “Save x improvements” button is. I have a 13" screen. When I naively scroll to the last item in the playlist to check differences like Date Added or the new Format, it’s obscured by the button:

  • I couldn’t scroll further down to make the info appear above the Save button
  • When I scrolled further up, the last entry disappeared downward.
  • I couldn’t scroll left and right far enough to make the info appear left of the Save button

Then I stopped to think about it and realized I can carefully scroll so much that it appears between the button and the border, but this seems silly:

I think the problem can be easily solved by allowing to scroll the list further down, so that the last entry appears above the Save button.

Edit: Great feature!

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A problem arises when you upgrade quality and then match to your library. If your library album is a lower quality, the playlist reverts to that and then tells you there is a higher quality available.

I think we need this same logic applied to our Roon library to upgrade the quality of our Tidal and Qobuz linked albums.

EDIT: This is brilliant. I just “optimized” 51 playlists. Please implement this for our Roon library Tidal and Qobuz linked albums. Thanks.

EDIT2: Here’s another thing…Instead of reverting to a lower resolution album in my library, after choosing the higher quality, I found that album in Roon Versions. Sometimes, the higher resolution album shows up and sometimes it doesn’t.

EDIT3: I guess for me, this is really not a problem since all my playlists consist of Tidal and Qobuz links with no local files involved. I simply use the Playlist Improver to find higher resolution files and remove duplicates and leave it at that. I don’t match to my Roon library which may be a lower resolution.


I think each track should save/remember the current chosen improvement state. Currently it does not seem to remember it, because I have to re-choose the same things every time I open the playlist. This may be tedious even with a smaller playlist and I believe is certainly untenable in the super large ones some people have.

  1. I open a playlist
  2. It lists X improvements
  3. I investigate them all and decide against them, so the items are unchecked
  4. The Save button shows “Save 0 improvements” and can’t be clicked. The only way to leave is Cancel
  5. I re-enter the playlist and it lists the same X improvements again.
    → This is a little tedious but might be OK with small lists.

→ However, what if I keep adding Y tracks to a playlist with hundreds of tracks and then open it again some days/weeks/months later, to clean up my new additions? It seems that it will show me the same improvements again, although I already decided against them. As I may not remember, I now have to go through X+Y improvements and decide each one. Then X+Y+Z the next time, and so on.


All seems to work well apart from this circular issue improve → match → back to improve again


Nice idea, but it doesn’t seem to work on all my Playlists. For example, here’s a Playlist where clearly some tracks are unavailable, but I don’t get the Improve button to fix things?

BTW - I hope this feature will be extended to the Album browser - it gets tiresome finding albums that Qobuz have removed/replaced without any warning…


FYI, I had a playlist created in TIDAL (not longer subcribed). It was able to find 28 tracks on QOBUZ.

However, it failed to find two tracks that were, in fact, in Qobuz. Not sure why.

Just an FYI.

PS: this is GREAT functionality.

I have a copy of the Roon Playlist, „Prog & Proud“, and it doesn’t find 4 unavailable tracks although they exist in other versions:

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I too have several playlists which do not get the Improve button. In fact, I don’t think a single playlist on my server is getting the button. Some for sure should.

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I’ve seen quite a few where a higher resolution alternative is suggested (though NOT one in my own library, which I think SHOULD be possible), but none suggesting to remove “unavailable” tracks, though there are quite a few of those :confused:

I had this issue, but after rebooting the machine my core was on, the improver showed up…

this is a great addition - obviously the ability to easily locate duplicate tracks has been a request for a forever - stick a fork in it! …issue solved! … I really like the ability to match to library as well.

Thank you Mike, et al…

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What version does this work on, and how do I get it? I left early access a few years ago, can I get back on? This looks like a great feature I’d love to use!



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Great addition!

Love these features. Match to library only works when I duplicate the playlist. Otherwise it does not find any match.

Early Access is now also open access. You simply follow the instructions here:

Another good thing…I have 3 versions of all my playlist. I made them all using Qobuz links, then exported to both Tidal and Qobuz. For the third version, I saved a copy of the Qobuz version as local.

Now, with the Roon Playlist Improver, Roon looks for Tidal upgrades in Tidal and Qobuz upgrades in Qobuz. However, for my local version, Roon chooses the highest resolution from Tidal or Qobuz and mixes them. What started out as a playlist using Qobuz links is now a mixture of Tidal and Qobuz links.

Rebooting my ROCK/NUC system did not make the Improve button show up in that playlist for me, I’m afraid…

At least on the iPhone annd iPad remote apps I can’t find the playlist improver function at all. Is this only available on the desktop apps?

Steven - It’s working here on 11” iPad Pro:-

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I’m not seeing it on either my iPad or my Android phone