Playlist Feature Requests (post 1.8)

When you say “shortcut”, you mean a keyboard command? It also has to work for iPad so might need to be a button, or under the three dot menu. What do you think about the ideas in the OP in this thread, any you like or dislike?

Yeah a keyboard shortcut, on the iPad it could be linked to a 3 finger tap or something else, although I’m not using my iPad or iPhone with Roon until the app is more stable. Would be great to have the shortcuts user configurable. I use the the Magic Trackpad 2 on my MBP, there’s tons of configurability with Bettertouchtool.

I like the sound of all your suggestions, except the “brief user message”, they irritate me, just a pet peeve with software in general.

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Search function for curated playlists in Tidal would be more than nice. Audirvana can do that.


Copied from an older thread:
Please, please, please warn me if a track already exists in a playlist when I try to add a track to a playlist. If Apple Music and Spotify can do it, so can Roon. The Qobuz app also lacks this feature, but I’m sure Roon can do better.


All my Tidal playlist I would like to have in Roon. Including the “automatic” ones… like “my most listsend”, “My mix 1” (until my mix 6), “my History” “February 2021”, “2020” etc.
Nothing of this is found today in version 1.8

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Here’s a simply implemented playlist enhancement I would find super useful. Not sure if it would interest others.
I have a lot of large, legacy playlists (.m3u), and a number of perl scripts for maintaining, checking, modifying, and creating new combination playlists. Roon did a good job of importing my playlists, and they work great in roon. But if I create a playlist in roon, and want to export it as a .m3u, roon automatically also exports the files. (!). All I want is a copy of the playlist for my scripts. If I have a 2000 track playlist, the export creates a 1k text m3u file and many GB of duplicate music files.

How about a simple check box on the export? “m3u file only”. small bit of user interface code, and a few line mod in the export script.


Thanks for gathering these playlist feature requests together. Will our feedback here in comments contribute to their implementation in a future release?

Here are a few of my high priority playlist improvements I would like to see.

  • Playlist sorting by date added
  • Roon playlist export or sharing
  • Imported Qobuz playlist tracks should show a playlist link in album view if “Show playlist links” is enabled in settings

This last one, show playlist link for imported playlist tracks, is possibly a can of worms. Is it clear what I want? Right now all of my imported Qobuz playlists do not show the playlist link when I view any of those tracks in album view. Even if I save a local copy of an imported playlist it does not produce a playlist link on those tracks in album view. Show playlist link only seems to work, for me, for Roon playlists created after the tracks in the playlist are already in my library. I would like this feature extended to imported playlists.

Hi everybody!!!

First of all, thank you to all of you for sharing your knowledge. It’s a great community! :slight_smile:

I’m new to roon but I’m quite disappointed as I’ve not been able to find how to create a playlist selecting a folder path from my hard disk. With Musicbee software, I had the chance to create what they call “automatic playlists” and, for instance, select a folder of my library and “automatically create a playlist” with the songs in that folder. Furthermore, this folder was always being “monitored” in order to automatically update the playlist with any file I drop in it.

I know I can do some “tricks” as create m3u files, import it to roon, filter by path and so on…but no automatic options doing that.

I really miss these kind of options in Roon and, honestly, I think that musicbee is more powerful and flexible talking about library management (of course Roon is a lot of more, but I’d love Roon to be the “definitive killer app”…)

I hope this can improve soon.

Thanks for reading and have a nice time enjoying music!

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Roon has not put a lot of love into Playlists, this thread is one of many for proof.

But significantly lower on their priority list is ever manipulating Folders. Physical folders does not fit into their world view of music players, so that is not going to happen.

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Adding this here as it feels like it relates to a (fairly basic) playlist enhancement


Wanted to reinvigorate part of the request above.

Show Playlist Links option should show links, even if the album is NOT in the library.

Use Case:

  • making a holiday playlist and I want to add songs to a playlist without adding the holiday albums to my library.
  • was editing list from last year and coincidentally went back to same album and added some same songs. But I did not see Playlist Links because I intentionally had not added the albums to my library and still have not.

Hopefully Roon Labs will give playlists some TLC.
There are tons of suggestions to make this bare function better!


Agree. To build useful playlists of classical music you pretty much must have multi-select so you can select multiple tracks (for example movements in a symphony or string quartet) and move them as a block keep the tracks together and in sequence. Once you have multi-select then the usual manipulations should be supported including cut, paste, and drag and drop move.

I would like to be able to add tracks to my Qobuz favourites. At the moment, when I click on the 3 dots to the right of a track, and choose ‘Add to playlist’, it doesn’t bring up my Qobuz playlists.

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Your suggestion added to this thread so maybe your voice will be heard here better.
Now you can cast a vote as well at the top.

Thanks. Will do.

Also, when I’m looking for an album on Qobuz (in Roon), I get only the tracks in my library from that album. How do I easily find the full album?

IMO a core flaw in how playlists are currently implemented is that a track added to a playlist from a Tidal/Qobuz album (say while listening to Roon Radio) is treated separately from the same track in a local album.

This means that if you ever move away from Tidal/Qobuz those tracks become ‘orphaned’ in your playlists, even if you have a local copy of them. It also means the Tidal/Qobuz tracks are omitted on export, again even if you have a local copy of those tracks.

This either need to be addressed at a fundamental level in Roon (the same issue also affects ‘hearts’).

Or at the very least, there needs to be a way to go though a playlist and replace the Tidal/Qobuz tracks with a local copy of any tracks if they exist.

On top of the above problem, I also end up with duplicates (x2) of each of my playlists — one being my original local Roon copy (with local tracks) and other being the version I have exported and imported back in Qobuz via Soundiz which then appears in Roon as a duplicate. That all feels a bit messy and manual for a modern music management platform.

I just want to have the one playlist that I can add tracks to, from either a local or Qobuz album, which I can then sync back to Qobuz for non-Roon listening (where matched tracks can be found) or easily share with friends on other platforms (again where matched tracks can be found).

Currently playlists in Roon feel like a bit too much of a walled garden if I am honest.


This is spot on, good synopsis of the state of affairs with playlists.

On windows 10, I still use good old Window Media Player to create
playlists as m3u files, using drag and drop, then import them.
Much easier and faster as vreating playlists with ROON

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