Imported Multi Disc Album but Roon not diplaying entire track list

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I downloaded Woodstock Back to the Garden a 38 disc 413 track collection from HDTRACKS and imported it into Roon. Roon recognized the album and correctly displayed the total playing time but in the track listing only 180 tracks are listed. When you get to track 180, you can access the remaining tracks by skip forward and while they are playing they display but you cannot choose a track past 180 because they are not listed. I thought about breaking it up into 3 and created Volume I, Volume II, and Volume III each with about 140 tracks but Roon is only recognizing the first 140 tracks now. What can I do?

This is a known issue. Roon will only display up to 180 tracks in an album folder.

For box-sets containing more than 180 tracks, the set needs to be spilt into multiple sub-folders, each folder representing a CD in the box set.

I realise it’s a pain with 38 CDs in this particular box set, but I suspect that the only way to split them, and have Roon recognise the box-set correctly, will be to create 38 folders, each with the proper number of tracks in them.

Call the main folder Woodstpck - Back to the Garden, and have the subfolders follow the naming convention of CD01, CD02, CD03 … CD38.

Can I create the folders and sub folders in Roon. And if yes how do I do it’s? Or do I need a 3rd party program like Tag and Rename?

What is your Roon Core running on? A PC, Mac, NAS, NUC or Nucleus? And where are your Watched Folders being held?


NAS-1 Folder on MacBook
From Computer
Music Files

If I’m understanding your reply correctly, then you have your Roon Core running on NAS, with Watched Folders on both your Macbook and your NAS?

You don’t use Roon to create your folder and subfolders, use Mac Finder to do this, and to move the music files into the folders. I would suggest that you stop your Roon Core while you’re setting this all up, to avoid confusing Roon as the structure is gradually built up. Once it’s complete, restart the Core, and Roon will hopefully recognise the complete box-set.

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Hello @Steven_Kaufman, and welcome to the community! Geoff has the right suggestion here. Please let me know if you have any further questions!

I set up 32 subfolders CD01 - CD32
Roon accepted all 416 tracks and now shows the collection as Disc 1 - Disc 9. The tracks are all there but out of order.
Any suggestions?

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