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Team Roon,

When importing a Spotify playlist of tracks to Qobuz (and played in Roon) via Soundiiz, the resulting playlist in Qobuz (and played in Roon) tracks are simply 44.1kHz 16bit 2ch. Shouldn’t they be playing in hi res (at least 24bit) via Qobuz (which I’m subscribed to and syncd in Roon)?

Your help/advice/thoughts would be appreciated! Thank you!


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Well only if they were a hires track in Qobuz.

The vast majority of tracks in Qobuz are still Redbook at 16/44.

I can agree with you on that. However, if you do a search for alternate versions, some of those tracks are ultra hi res at 192kHz 24bit. How can my playlist auto identify and play the highest res version available???

I don’t believe it can unfortunately.

Maybe someone will know different?

I don’t know for sure, but suspect you would have to delete the track from your playlist and add back the high resolution version from Qobuz, if it exist. Since Spotify doesn’t have high resolution tracks, there is no reason Qobuz would automatically use the higher resolution from an imported playlist that came from Spotify.

Yes that should work but I don’t think there is any way to make the playlist" auto identity" these hires versions.
Manual manipulation is all I know of.

Is there a flag to trigger a non hi-res version vs hi-res version such that it affects tracks imported from Spotify via Soundiiz?

Hey @Michael_Jurick, as @Jim_F & @TheHammer already noted, this is outside of the scope of Roon. Best to direct this question to the awesome team over at Soundiiz, they’ll be able to definitively answer this!

I have an update! I spoke to Sebastian at Qobuz and he said Soundiiz should be sending over the high res version - if if there is one. I can confirm that a small percentage of the tracks are indeed coming over in high res from my Spotify daily mixes that are being transferred over to Qobuz.

So as @TheHammer correctly said, “The vast majority of tracks in Qobuz are still Redbook at 16/44.” And a handful are indeed coming over in hi-res when they are available.


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