Importing big archive

THX, never seen before (Audio Ranger), looks good, I´ll try it…

Hi @Matthias_Stuker,

If you had the metadata fixed up on one Core, you can then create a backup of the database and restore it to different Cores, please see our Migration Knowledge Base Article. I am not sure if you have already edited the metadata, but once you do you can create a backup you can transfer the database information over between Roon Cores.

You can also have a look at SongKong - @paultaylor, who makes it, is active here.

Ultimately, if you aren’t dealing with a case where some trained monkey somewhere punched in the data to teach the computer which track is what, there’s only so much you can automate at this point, unfortunately…

my english is really bad, but the boots I will have to work manuel… hope it will help someone…

prob atm is the fact, that I´m trying to create a backup. Seems it is that slow (>36hrs., not finished) cause roon is reading my bibliothek same time (nearly 20 day´s). Maybe it´s helpful to create the program that kind, that it stop´s all other work untill building a backup…

I don’t believe that’d allow you to use Audio Ranger, but maybe that someone who knows these things better than I do can help you there. Here is the MusicBrainz documentation on submitting.

One thing that would probably be of interest to you is “Using Picard’s “Add Cluster as Release” plugin: use your existing tags as a starting point for adding releases with the web interface.”.

The advantage of the MusicBrainz submission approach is that once it’s done, and, even better, if it’s done through Picard, is that not only will your bootlegs be “recognized” by Roon, but that anyone else, going forward, who runs those through MusicBrainz-compatible taggers will get their copies automatically tagged as well.

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translator isn´t helping to understand your post…
atm I think, I´m doint to much at the same time.

  1. Roon is importing my archive (impossible to stop?!)
  2. Roon is building a backup
  3. I´m deleting duplicates
  4. Another machine is copying my collection from NAS to an ext. Hd
    Think, that´s too much for my 12 GB ram.
    waiting for another 12 GB, to expand to 24, then will start the next backup…(the second try is at 13% after 10hrs.)
    Shut down my pc last days after about 12hrs. work for reading about 2000 albums the day cause the counter ( Nr. of albums) restarted to 0 at that time.

and at last: lost my connection to aries…

For Roon to be able to recognise your music, someone else needs to have manually put it in one of the metadata databases that Roon buys access to.

The more unusual something is, the less likely it is that it is in these databases.

For example, Merry, Merry Christmas, the New Kids on the Block’s Christmas Album, which is a well-known masterpiece of contemporary pop, will immediately be recognised, because millions of copies were sold, and thus someone took the time to grace us all with all the necessary details for us to enjoy its extraordinary musicmanship to the fullest extent, and also allow us, via Roon, to discover interesting links (did you know that Richard Mendelson, who currently teaches music production at the Berklee College of Music, worked on it, but also worked on Garbage’s eponymous release ?).

Now, on the other hand, Viva, the bootleg compilation from their 1993 tour, is another matter entirely, but thankfully, a kind soul took the time to input the metadata already, so if you chance upon this priceless gem, it will be recognised right away by Roon. If someone had not done that, then Roon could not help at all.

If you have many albums which are rare, and that Roon cannot recognise, you have two ways to fix that:

  1. You fix it locally. This might seem easier, but the larger problem of unrecognised bootlegs remains, and Roon will still not “recognise” the metadata that you input manually, and also have trouble to make links between tracks: to keep with my New Kids on The Block example, Roon would not necessarily know that the live version of Hangin’ Tough from the Viva bootleg compilation is the same song as Hangin’ Tough from the seminal Hangin’ Tough album.

  2. You fix it on the Musicbrainz server. The standards are rigid, you will have to learn how to do it, and it might take a day or two to happen, but the information that you input there is then fed back into Roon, and Roon will then automatically recognise the recording. Not only do you get all the advantages of having albums recognised by Roon, but everyone else does.

I hope this is clearer (und dass die Übersetzer weniger Probleme damit haben als mit meinem letzten Beitrag… bitte zögern Sie nicht mir mitzuteilen, wenn ich die Dinge verwirrender gemacht habe als sie sein müssten)

Regarding your process, I would indeed try to do things in order:

  1. Copy the data to a single drive, so that you eliminate the network and NAS issues.

  2. Have Roon do its thing on that copy.

Regarding deduplication, SongKong can probably help you, and others might as well. I would try to do that before getting Roon to build the database, to make things easier for it. The cleaner things are, the easier it is for Roon to make sense of them.

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THX for translation, now I know, what you mean. Hope to find the time to…

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OK, atm I´m copying from NAS to ext. HD. Next job will be the backup. question is:
makes it sense to build a backup of the NAS, is it useable at the NUC with the ext. HD? Or shal I better build the backup of the ext. HD?

thx, but the storage will be different, from NAS to ext. HD, backup also helpful?

Hi @Matthias_Stuker,

I can’t quite understand the question here, are you referring to the backup of the Roon database or to the backup of the music library?

The answer depends on which location has enough storage to support it, if it is a Roon database, those are usually a few GB and you can back up the database to both to be safe.

Instructions on how to perform backups can be found here:

thx for your answer, was talking bout the backup. but it makes no sense, cause I can´t get any backup momentary, cause the nuc is working on the copy of my files from nas to ex., hd since 3 weeks. Think it will need another two weeks, atm it´s at letter N…Next steps will follow after finishing that.
problem atm is the fact, that roon is shuting down during work daily, there must be any prob…maybe it´s cause nuc is copying the files and same time I´m deleting dups?!

next question is, according to which criteria are the albums sorted, find albums same bitrate, with a dynamic range of 4, which are preferred to the same album with dynamic range 12?!

my problem at moment is deleting duplicates. Is it possible, marking 5 of 6 versions for deleting? atm must delete them one by one, will take 6 month…


You can select multiple albums (or tracks) and delete them in one operation. See here for how to select more than one object at once…

THX, that´s OK for selection, but how to delete all selected albums?

I tried a similar program, destroyed my albums… deleted one or two songs of each album…that for my collection is too big…:wink:

After selection, press edit in the right above corner.
In the presented menu, scroll to the bottom to find the delete button

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