Importing big archive

my prob is the import of my library which is 17 TB.
I´m using win 10 on 8GBram, roon is1.7 built 610

win 10 prof, 8GB ram

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

synologie ds18 (4x8TB)

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Devialet Phantom
Description Of Issue

testing roon since 14 days, but most of my bibliothek (17TB) isn´t to find. How long will it take to read and archive this kind of collection?

What sort of device and processor are you using for your roon core?

And what is the file or track count of your library?

My guess is you have greater than 250k tracks, so 8 gb is too low.

Hi, sorry, I was wrong, the PC has got 12GB Ram. cant say the count of my memory, roon is reading since 16 days, till now there are about 35000 albums but there must be much more.
Now thinking about installing roon on an extern ssd with USB on NAS-Server?!
But NAS has only 2GB ram…
THXIA for your help!

what is you core CPU spec and is it running on an SSD? 17TB is fine if your PC is up to it, my library was 13TB before I moved it onto an internal drive but 16days sounds like your PC is slow


In order for Roon’s @support team to better assist you, please provide a brief description of your current setup using this link 1 as a guide.

AMD six-core is working on SSD

My bet would be that the problem you’re having is with the storage being remote, and not with the PC. As long as you’re running Roon Core (so the server part) on your PC, and not on the NAS, the amount of RAM on the NAS should be irrelevant, because “all” it is doing is serving the files to your PC, and not doing any of the heavy lifting that Roon requires ressources for.

Attaching an SSD to the NAS server is probably useless unless it is powerful enough to run Roon Core (if you’re running a DS 18xx, so the one with an intel processor, it might be OK depending on the number of tracks, but my assumption is that given how much volume of data you have, you’d already be pushing it, so that’s probably not what you want to do).

The way I see it, what you want is to directly attach your storage to the machine running your roon server (or “core”) - think “big USB drive”, there are 16TB single drives at this point after all, and back that up elsewhere (like on your NAS, which you would then use as it was intended to be). This can either be your current computer, or, if you choose to go all-in with Roon, either a NUC running just Roon (in which case you’d definitely want an i7 nuc given how many tracks we’re likely talking about).

In any case, please follow @wizardofoz’s advice and fill in the details of your setup, including how everything is networked (i.e, is it hardwired, or over wifi ?) and the number of endpoints (so playback zones).

my setup is AMD FX 6300 Six-core 3,5 GHz, 12GB ram, 64 Bit.
NAS is Synologie DS418 (4x8GB) connected per D-lan.
Streamer is Auralic Aries, End of the line 2pcs. Devialet Phantom silver.
There are 4 endpoints at all.
PC and Auralic are wired per lan to fritzbox 6490 cable, Devialet is w-lan
Now I think, to change NAS to an ext. USB-HD 14TB (can´t imagine that kind of space, remembering times, 500 GB were large…)?!

How many tracks?

can´t imagine?!

at moment 450000…

That is a lot

Personally, I’d run Audio Analysis on demand on large libraries. And then, turn on bulk analysis using all cores, over night, setting it back to on demand when I was using the system.

That being said, with a library that size, you are in the neighborhood of needing a good “high speed per single core” i7 , and 16 GB of ram. That AMD is not the fastest CPU as it is comparable to an i3 (especially as Roon does not really utilize all cores except during analysis). And is, imho, underspec’d for your library size.

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I really would recommend that you split your albums into different folders, and import these 1 by 1.

E.g. I have 5 main music folders:
ModernAIFF (1644 albums) and ModernDSD (for ripped SACD’s) (258 albums)
Classic AIFF (576 albums) and Classic DSD (142 albums)
Childrenc (54 albums)

This way the burden on your Roon Core can better controlled.


Here’s advice on situations like yours from @brian, the CTO of RoonLabs.

TL;DR: listen to @Rugby’s advice, and consider a dedicated machine. An i7 NUC should cut it for the time being, but you might want to go MOCK if you’re going to keep on adding music. You should also be better off either with USB (in case of a NUC) or SATA (in case of a MOCK) rather than your NAS, ideally with a nightly backup of the data on your RoonServer drive to your NAS just in case.

Other option is get a much more powerful unit with windows or linux if you’re competent in linux. higher end Macs seem to be struggling with roon cpu running to high utilization at this time, but this should be getting addressed soon we all hope.

at first I have to find a way to reduce my collection by deleting the duplicates, there are a lot…;-(

I used SongKong for doing some of mine but its harder if they span different formats but I clobbered about 1.4TB in a few rounds

my NAS isn´t compatible, have to use roon…

I found it easy to distill by copying TO a new location. I got a brand new large TB drive and then created the perfected library on that, keeping the original data locations intact and untouched until I was sure that I had not missed anything.

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