Importing Denafrips From Vinshine To The UK

Hi Guys, I’ve been looking to purchase the Denafrips Pontus II. Here in the UK from Willow Tree Audio it’s priced at £2k. From Vinshine DAC + 20% VAT works out at £1712. Has anyone imported from Vinshine before? And did you come across any additional handling charges by Royal Mail etc.

Many Thanks Ian

You will get hit with 20% VAT plus import duty once it has landed in the UK, and it won’t be released from customs until it is paid, so don’t add any VAT when purchasing. Import Duty should not be that much and there are plenty of online calculators that can work it out for you.

Any handling fees that couriers I have used tend to be around £10 and sometimes zero, so there should be nothing to worry about on that front.

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Yes I know someone that imported through Alvin at vinshibe. Timelines aside it was a painless process and I’ve found him very helpful throughout

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Thanks very much for input guys, much appreciated!

I imported my ares 2 from Alvin at vinshine,couldn’t have asked for a better experience,took 4 days to uk,regarding vat I wasnt charged up front,they delivered my my ares and then emailed me the bill,think it was about 40 bucks

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