Importing files causing Roon to crash [Roon investigating]

hi @dylan , looks like this issue is still not solved. I had server crash and restart constantly today 13/08/2021 on files I was importing. Would it help to provide the files causing the crash?
How can I upload them?

You’d be better off starting a new thread and giving details of your system as asked for when you start the thread.

Hi @StefanK — If you remove these files from your Roon watched folder does the crashing stop?

yes, exactly. So the solution is quite simple, but when importing bigger amount of files it becomes a bit tedious. Normally roon should just skip these files and report them as corrupt.

Thanks for confirming, @StefanK. I’ll send you a PM with a link where you can upload some files that are causing this and we’ll look into it.

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