Importing files via Roon GUI

I like the idea of importing files via the Roon GUI - this is a nice touch.

So I tried it. Deleted an album that Id recently added and dragged the folder into my remote Ap (connected over wifi to switch and then to the core wired).

It all seemed to work, it said it was importing (after correctly flagging as a duplicate before I deleted the existing).

The progress updated.

But there’s no trace of it now in my library or on the watched folder, so any ideas where it went? It seems it might have vaporised.

I only have a single watched folder - maybe I need to setup another folder if I want to add files like this?

I guess that goes onto a longer topic, of how to play the transition, because then it might get complex to manage my library if I still want iTunes running as an option. Perhaps its safer to still use iTunes to add new music - I generally drop into the ‘Automatically Add to iTunes’ folder on my server, but this isn’t very intuitive for users other than me, and the Roon GUI is a much more organic solution…

Do you have Roon Organized Folders active? It has to be active to do a Roon GUI drag and drop. There are a hosts of differences between a Watched and an Organized Folder. One of the effects, is that an Organized Folder copies/moves your music into it and re-organizes it. I don’t use it at all. There are a couple of threads which detail is use and issues on the forums.

I guess its different for you. But, for me, all music purchased, CDs or Blu Rays ripped, get saved directly to a network share that is watched by Roon. As soon as they are in, they begin to be integrated by Roon.

[quote=“hifi_swlon, post:1, topic:2942”]
I only have a single watched folder - maybe I need to setup another folder if I want to add files like this?[/quote]
For a test, create a NEW folder for music (lets say it is called Music2) and put your album in question in it. (I like this hierarchy folder structure: MUSIC2-Artist Folder-Album-Folder-Tracks)

Add the new music folder (Music2) to Roon as a watched folder. See if the album imports, analyzes the tracks, and appears in main window as new.

Roon should create an organized folder by default – can you check the Storage tab of Settings and confirm the location?

If you’re dragging and dropping into Roon and choosing to import, that’s where it should end up.

Thanks @Rugby. I didn’t have a roon organised folder setup at that time, but it still went through the motions and told me it was importing through the GUI drag and drop - progress and all. Then it vanished. So I guess this is the issue, will try again with an active roon folder.

that would mean music added that way would no longer be available to the iTunes setup, so i guess if i want to use that feature its decision time….

Wow same time :wink:

Did you previously disable the organized folder? I think you should be prompted if you try to import and have no organized folders set up.

Yes, sorry. Didn’t know what I was doing when I setup so I tend to naturally disable things I think I don’t want. Creature of habit. Ooops.

I’ve come to the conclusion though that this setup wouldn’t work for me anyway really, as the convenience of the GUI import (which I have to say I loved!) would result in my music spread across two folders - only one of which would be available outside of Roon. So I’d have to fully take the plunge to dump iTunes. Which I’m moving towards the idea of, save getting stuff onto my other devices…… Food for thought.