Importing files

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Audiostore Nova Prestige 3 (2TB SSD 4G RAM), sonicorbiter ver 2.7, Roon server 1.6 build 416 stable
Roon server database 2.5G
Roon server cache size 1.4 m

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Gigaclear fibre isp, netgear switch, wired Ethernet

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)
Naim NDS wired back to NETGEAR switch

Description Of Issue
I have copied my music files from a QNAP NAS to the Audiostore Nova, it now has 2870 albums, 33231 tracks. This took 2 days.
This is the screen shot now, after 3 days.

Albums play and this is the signal path


Hi Stephen,
Welcome to the community. It seems things are proceeding for you. Do you have a specific question, or a general concern for how long it is taking?
You have a pretty large library, so it will take a while. One process that happens in the background is an audio analysis of all your files. This is computer intensive and takes time. If you go to Settings>Library>Background Audio Analysis Speed you can adjust how quickly the process will take. You can turn it off entirely (Off), slow it down while you are playing music (Throttle), or speed it up to the limits of your system.

These are two shots of progress(Or not)

Thanks for your quick response. It’s seems that the bar for applying library settings has not moved in 2 days.

I’ve gone to the settings as you suggested; it is set to fast (4 cores).
The cpu usage on my black box is below 1% on each core.

Ok. I understand. Yes, it should not be stalled in one spot.
I’m just a user, and we can sometimes help quickly with simpler issues. Since you are posted in Support, someone from the Roon technical team will be able to give you a more comprehensive fix. They will probably want to see screen shots from Settings>Storage, and perhaps also from Settings>Library>Skipped Files (to see if there are some problems with files not importing properly).

One other step that can sometimes help is to reboot your Roon Core (the machine it is running on). It’s generally a good idea to make sure you have backups of your music library and your Roon Setup (Settings>Backups), just in case an unexpected problem occurs during trouble shooting.

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I did not want to reboot until I had touched base - your pointers have been helpful.
Time for a reboot …

Hi @stephen_pritchard1,

Definitely give your Core a reboot and let us know if this helps.

I also see that you have multiple watched folders in Settings > Storage. The 2 that are showing as unavailable are not needed as any sub-folder of the “music” folder will be covered by the 3rd watched folder shown (sonicorbiter > storage > music).


Just a couple of comments about your storage settings.
Where, physically, is the first “Music Folder”? Is it on the Audiostore Nova?
One needs to be careful about duplicating drive locations. If you tell it to look at Sonicorbiter>storage>music, it will automatically look for Sonicorbiter>storage>music>Naim and Sonicorbiter>storage>music>TV&Film soundtracks, because they are subfolders. If you specify all three, Roon interprets this as “I see you want two copies of files in Naim and two copies of files in TV&Film soundtracks”. It looks like those might have been moved (the red text) so for now it would be best to disable(the three dots on the right) those locations so Roon isn’t looking there.

One other thing to know. Ideally the Roon Core should not be monitoring a storage location while music is being imported to it (e.g. moved to it from a NAS). It can cause problems. It can be hard to wait until all that music has been moved (as it takes so long), but it can potentially lead to problems.

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Good advice - removed it.
Walked the dog, rebooted the beast of the black box, now Roon seems ok.

The background audio analysis is now clocking away at a fair lick.

That’s for your help.

Ok that makes sense - they were a legacy from when I was testing things out on small folders because it could not see my NAS.
Well hopefully all is fine now. Thanks for your help.

Personally, I think walking the dog should be a standard part of any trouble-shooting protocol!


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