Importing Itunes Playlists on Mac OSX with NAS

Setup :

  • MAC OS Mojave 10.14 on a Core i7 Late 2013 Mac with 16GB DDR 3 Memory
  • Synology NAS DS218+ running DSM 6.2.1 Update 4
  • Roon Core runs on the MAC , latest version (installed today)
  • Itunes (12.9.0) Library and XML file (enabled and I checked, the XML file is there) located on the MAC - HD>Users>Francois>Music>Itunes which I have included in the storage service with both import iTunes playlists and import other playlists
  • Music Files stored on the NAS - \Synology\video\music which is included in the storage service with both import iTunes playlists and import other playlists

The music files have been scanned and imported properly, but none of the playlists (and I cannot use soundiiz as what it really does is replace the sounds in Itunes playlists with whatever it thinks looks the closest in Tidal (which is missing a lot of music files) , so you end up with a lot of garbage/unwanted songs in your tidal playlists ).

So , what do I need to do with the XML files to get the playlists to appear on Roon


I believe the XML has to be where the music files are through a quick read of the instructions.

Hi @Francois_Lancon,

As mentioned in our iTunes Documentation:

this requires that the iTunes XML and the media files are placed into a single folder that Roon can watch. This can be done in iTunes by “Consolidating” the library

With the media for these playlists stored on the NAS, separate from the iTunes folder on the Mac, you won’t be able to import the playlists. You’ll need to consolidate the library as mentioned above so that everything is in one watched folder in Roon.


When I consolidate the library , the XML / Library files do stay on the Mac and the Music on the NAS . Do I need to manually move what is in the iTunes folder on the MAC onto the NAS ?

It’s in the link
few ways to achieve this are:

  • Option 1: Copy your XML file to the folder where your media is stored (try this first) – in many cases, Roon will be able to understand the contents of your playlists as soon as the XML file is stored in the same folder. Once Roon is watching a folder that contains both your music files and your iTunes XML, force a rescan:

Note that if you copy your iTunes XML this way, subsequent changes made to your iTunes playlists will not sync automatically.

If the above doesn’t work, you can also try the following. Make sure you have a backup of your iTunes library before proceeding.

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