Importing music/iTunes files from PC to Nucleus

I received my new Nucleus yesterday and have successfully got it up and running (thanks Noris). So far I’ve been able to get my Tidal & Qobuz credentials entered and a few internet radio stations set up, but am having difficulty getting the iTunes library housed on my PC (running Windows 7) to be recognized/shared with the Nucleus. iTunes is set up to be shared on my network.

I have read through the Nucleus User Guide & Manual, and it looks like I need to go to:
settings>storage>+add folder>+add network share… and then type in my network share location… right? This is where I am running into trouble. How do I figure out the proper path to fill in so that the Nucleus can find my iTunes library on my PC?

Thanks in advance for helping a newbie…


I should note that I also installed an SSD into my Nucleus before getting it set up on my network. When I access the storage>folders screen, the only thing that shows up is a Nucleus Internal Storage folder…

The first thing to do is to share your iTunes Windows folder to the network. Then you can access the folder over the network from the Nucleus. You’ll need to tell the Nucleus what your Windows username and password are as well.

Thanks Geoff, my iTunes window folder is already shared to the network but how do I access it via Nucleus?

So, what’s the path of your folder? E.g. if I had an iTunes folder on my PC (which might be called Degas), then it might be something like: \\Degas\iTunes\ which I would enter into the Add Network Share screen:

That’s what I am trying to determine… how do I figure out what the path is?

Maybe this will help…


Hi @Riviera_Bluesman,

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See screenshot above. Once the folder is setup to be shared over the network you can find the network path by right clicking the folder, going to properties, and then sharing.

When entering this into Roon make sure you’re also using the correct Username and Password.

Thanks Dylan. It looks like you are using Windows 10 (I am on Windows 7), but I was able to figure out how to find the path based on your example. Much appreciated. Roon is now scanning my iTunes library… THANKS!

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