Importing music library from USB hard drive via Airport time capsule to Roon App on 2008 imac

Dear Roon Labs Community,

I have just downloaded the app today.

The set up
My music library of almost 300GB (44.1) or approx. 500 albums is stored on a 1TB Lacie Rugged hard drive which is then powered off the Apple Airport Time Capsule to save port space on the iMac, which is an Intel core 2008 with 4GB RAM using OSX El Capitan. Music stored using iTunes.

Actions to import music library
I have successfully downloaded the Roon Labs app to both iMac and iPad Air 2 and they are ‘paired’ however, despite checking the advanced settings box in iTunes Preferences viz. itunes .xml sharing and turning the sharing option to SMB instead of default AFP I still cannot get the Roon Labs app to ‘recognise’ the music library on the hard drive. The Roon Labs does work as it found two CDs that I had ripped today using iTunes and it looks and sounds great - so near and yet so far!

Can anyone kindly set out for ‘an oldster’ a step by step approach to what I need to do to get the Roon Labs to ‘see’ the music library content, which is visible on iTunes on the same iMac as the downloaded Roon Labs app?

I hope the above is clear as I’d very much welcome and appreciate the Forum’s assistance.

Thank you.


Hi @Andrew_Hill – thanks for providing all the details here.

One thing I want to be clear about – so the music is accessed via the network, as the hard drive is connected to the Time Capsule. And then you’re adding the music into Roon using our iTunes importing, correct?

And just to confirm – all the music on the hard drive is already imported into iTunes? Do you have playlists in iTunes you want to import as well?

I ask because if you’re not looking to import iTunes playlists, it may be easier to have setup the hard drive in Roon directly, as a Watched Folder. Let me know the answers to the above, and we’ll get this working for you.

Dear Mike,

Thank you most kindly for your timeous and immediate reply.

In the interim I managed to unmount the music library from the Airport Time capasule and things were not looking good…So I plugged the LaCie into a usb port on the iMac, moved the Roon app to the now reappeared Music Library folder, and hey presto it has worked perfectly! All 500 albums are now “rooned” - what a fabulous system and well worth the subscription.

Thank you so much for your helpful reply.

Kind regards,

My pleasure @Andrew_Hill! Thanks for the kind words :smile: