Importing Qobuz-accessed album album notes into Roon database?

Some music producers are kind enough to make their album notes available to download in pdf form (Cedille and a few others). Is there a way to import these into the Roon database and link it to the album?

The specific instance is a Qobuz-accessed Black Oak Ensemble Avant l’orage recording. Downloaded album notes from Cedille. Want to know if it is possible to link the two despite the album’s Qobuz-streaming nature.

Thank you.

Please see this knowledge base article.

Hi Martin,

Thank you for the pointer to the Knowledge Base Article (KBA). From reading this KBA, sounds like it only works for non-streamed (i.e. the above described process won’t work for Qobuz-streamed albums I don’t own). Qobuz is very scanty with “liner notes”. Or am I misreading this?

Thank you

If the liner notes are available on Qobuz, they’ll be available in Roon, too.

They’re not available in Qobuz. Had to import 'em from label. That’s the question. Can imported pdf album notes be attached to streamed content that has been “added” to Roon?

Thank you again.

No, this isn’t possible. Sorry, I incorrectly assumed you had Qobuz Sublime, and had downloaded content the album.

In Roon, each release of the same album is a different database entry.

Fair enough. Thank you.

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