Importing "Score" (Zero to 5 Stars) as a Tag made in MediaMonkey audioplayer software

Dear Sirs,

Can anyone tell me if Roon can import existing Tags and in particular the Tag “Score” (= Rating) (Zero to 5 Stars) from audiofiles that were originally and all manually tagged in MediaMonkey audioplayer software ?

In attach a print screen where you can see the yellow stars as the TAG “Score” (= Rating)

It is mandatory for me that also these “Score” Tags can be imported and later showed into Roon also with various sorting and filtering capabilities.

So Roon must be able to sort / filter these “Score” Tags out f.i. all songs within a given Genre / within a given Artist / within a given Album that corresponds to f.i. 4 stars, or 3 stars or 5 stars and so on, even combined, 3 and 5 stars f.i.

Many people who have tagged their songs on Quality of liking = Rating = Score may end up with a very useful and powerfull tool to quickly find and make playlists based on their own personal ratings (Zero to 5 stars) of their songs !

Would it be possible to implement this extra feature in near future versions of your Roon software ?

Thanks a lot for any reply on this.

So far I have not yet activated my 14 day Trial version of Roon, I first await your answer on the above.


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First of all, welcome to Roon. From my brief 6-month time with Roon, I can tell you that these guys pay close attention to customer feedback, and the community is very helpful on a wide range of audio topics.

I do not believe Roon imports ratings per se from MediaMonkey. There may be a workaround to somehow get album and/or track ratings imported. You’ll hear from someone soon if there is.

Right now, tracks can be “picked” (usually chosen by a 3rd party as a good one to play; changeable by user); favorited/banned (useful for radio play); and tagged (very flexible tool that can be used to slice and dice). Star ratings are available at the album level.

While we would all like assurances that our desired features are coming, Roon and most other developers don’t announce timetables.

Why not start your trial period, import a handful of albums, and see how Roon works? It won’t bend to your every will, but it is quite flexible.

Your eventual purchasing decision must be based upon existing features. Roon doesn’t promise, and anyway, technology promises are notoriously unfulfilled.

Karl, at present, the only ratings that Roon has are ratings at the Album level, and not at the Track level. So all your track rating work done in Media Monkey is ignored by Roon. It won’t be lost, it’s just not (currently) used by Roon.

The ratings at the Album level are sourced from All.Music - but these ratings can be edited in Roon to reflect your personal ratings of albums.

This Knowledge Base page on Roon’s Metadata Model might be useful reading, to show what sources Roon uses to build data objects.

One workaround is to create 5 Roon tags for this purpose: ‘1 Star’ till ‘5 Stars’. You can then rate tracks by using ‘Add to tag’ from the 3-dot menu. Works with the Focus, and Bookmark features in Roon. The downside is having to recreate all your ratings manually in Roon as tags. There is no “import” feature to do this automatically, I’m afraid (though it has been asked for in the Feature Request forum, I believe).

There are some dirty ways to “import” some of these customizations, but they are a little labor intensive, but maybe better than redoing them.

You can create a playist of all 5-star songs in Media Monkey, save it in a playlist format that Roon understands (M3U…). Then import the playlist into Roon and that is a way to then select all of those tracks within Roon, then add the 5-star tag.

Main issue is that playlist import only works with track files that are in the same storage location as the playlist file. So it’s kludgy at the moment, and if you multiple locations, you’d have to repeat that process. But it’s better “batch” than manually redoing everything, maybe…


Thanks a lot, this seems a very batch-like workaround to add Star ratings to tracks. However, as I understand, Ratings are only at the Album level, not yet at Track level in Roon. Or do I get this wrong ?
So in the end, it may not exactly suit my needs.
Important to know is that some develloppers at Roon watch this blog so that they will accommodate in time.

Just hope they do…

Thanks and kind regards.

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With my method, you would not be importing into the Roon rating system. You’d be using the Roon Tag feature. But you can bring up and query by those tags.

EDIT: didn’t meant to take credit…this workaround is Brian’s.

That’s a great suggestion! There are numerous tagging ideas floating around. One day, maybe they get consolidated in the KB.

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I am in full agreement with you.

I have used JRMedia over the years and one of it’s best features is the similar song rating systems (1 to 5 stars).

By sorting all the songs, the cream of the crop, rises to the top and all the 5 star songs can be easily grouped into playlists. It is very easy, quick and simple.

More importantly, when accessing individual albums, I can quickly determine a queue of songs to listen to. I’ll choose 5 stars first then off to the next album. Or staying with this album, also pick 4 stars (and maybe 3 stars), rarely 2 stars (unless special request) but never 1 star. This makes perusing my music for myself or dj’ing for friends so much easier and enjoyable.

I had subscribed to roon a couple of years ago. I loved it except for this one issue. I understand that roon tries to murphy proof it’s software for all situations, but in this case could you please satisfy the single end user. I would then gladly resubscribe.

Rich (would love to resubscribe)