Impossible d'obtenir l'autorisation d'accéder à votre compte

When I try to backup my Nucleus, it recognize my Passport WB (USB) (I’m on an iMac) . But when I try to click on it to save, an error message pops up “Impossible d’obtenir l’autorisation d’accéder à votre compte”. What account?

Hi @Yves_Kremer,

The means that Roon doesn’t have the permission to access that drive to store the backup there. This drive is connected directly to the iMac, correct? If you connect it to the Nucleus instead is there any change? How is the drive formatted?

Format: MacOS étendu. This drive were connected directly to the Nucleus. What format do you suggest?

I have tried exFAT (as you mention on your website) and … it works.

Thanks a lot.

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