Impossible to setup the Rock Anymore

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
ROCK Version 1.0 (build 227) stable
NUC6i5 250 GB Nvme SSD Samsung 970 EVO, (just replaced by a new one with same issue)

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet) Unifi,

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Description Of Issue
Network timeout on logins:

11/10 16:16:19 Trace: [fiveaccountserver] POST
11/10 16:16:19 Trace: [fiveaccountserver] BODY email=<<<EMAIL>>>&password=<<<PASSWORD>>>
11/10 16:16:19 Trace: [broker/accounts] Data updated. AccountStatus=NoAccountConfigured MachineStatus=NeedsAccount UserId=<none>
11/10 16:16:20 Trace: Successful POST response from
11/10 16:16:20 Trace: [fiveaccountserver] GOT {"status":"Success","userid":"<<<USERID>>>","token":"<<<AUTHTOKEN>>>","expiration":30,"groups":[]}
11/10 16:16:20 Trace: [fiveaccountserver] GET<<<AUTHTOKEN>>>&machineid=419a9e53-7f25-925b-5621-e12fa80dd977
11/10 16:16:21 Trace: [fiveaccountserver] GOT {"user":{"userid":"<<<USERID>>>","firstname":"Xavier","lastname":"De Cock","email":"<<<EMAIL>>>","joinmailinglist":true,"allowpushnotifications":true,"class":"Normal","groups":

11/10 16:16:21 Trace: [fiveaccountserver] GET<<<TOKEN>>>
11/10 16:16:29 Warn: Error in web request NetworkError (Name or service not known Name or service not known)

11/10 16:18:01 Warn: Error in web request<<<TOKEN>>>: NetworkError (The operation has timed out.)

I’m starting to get bored.

Can you login to the roon web site using the same username and password?

Yes, and using curl -X Post -d valid datas provide the correct informations.

I can redo the whole flow in curl

I have no idea what that means.

well basically, when running what the roonserver tries to do, i’m able to authenticate and retrieve all the datas needed to work. so not a pure network problem. started the reset after a problem with tidal.

More Update:

Changed the Ethernet Cable (tested 2 of them)
Changed the layout from
Managed Switch 1 => Unifi Switch => Unifi Gateway to
Unifi Switch => Unifi Gateway

I can’t see how to test without tearing down my setup. in any case, no packets loss, corruption or reemission reported on the switch ports.

Let me know if i can provide anymore direct data, for obvious reasons, i won’t provide any token in a public forum.

Hi @De_Cock_Xavier,

I notice in the log snippet you shared there is a name resolution error. What DNS are you using? If you switch to something like Cloudflare or Google DNS is there any change?

Hello, i tried cloudflare, my isp, google.

But i suspect the currently ongoing attack on the dns server due to the come back of dns cache poisonning is the root cause of this problem :frowning: i’ll retry on regular interval.

Ok, found the likely culprit, after switching off ipv6 on my network entirely everywent back to normal.

anything change recently on your side regarding ipv6?

Hi @De_Cock_Xavier,

There were no changes that I’m aware of related to IPv6, but I’ll check with the team on this. Thanks for the update, and let me know if anything changes.