Improve search function [Solved]

I am a happy Roon user and I must say the program now does almost everything I wish for except some minor things I have already mentioned and received the feedback they will be taken care of in due time.
One additional thing which is slightly annoying to me is the search function. I remember back in the pre-Windows 7 days how painful it was to find things on my PC, and the relief I felt when later Windows versions provided a proper, thorough search function.
I know it’s kind of against the Roon philosophy but I think the search function should be made more thorough / more generic. For example, if I search “Chopin”, I would like to be able to see a list of all albums where any track was composed by him, any album that has “Chopin” somewhere in the title, and any file / track where the name appears. I know this information somehow exists but is spread across different boxes (composer, artist, etc.) which is annoying as lots of clicking / scrolling is needed to find the exact album I want to listen to.
But anyway, I congratulate again the Roon team for the excellent job of designing a software that has made me more excited about my music collection than any other previous program I have used.

I completely agree, and I’m pretty sure that I’ve read elsewhere on the forum that improving the search function is on the list of future developments. Personally, I think the JRiver search is one of the best I’ve come across, so far.

Hello @hdls and @chrisbyrd ‘Search’ was completely re-designed, expect to see new implementation of this feature in the next Roon update.

That’s excellent news, thanks.

i want roon functions for folder !!!

I have all my albums placed in folders depending on their download source. All downloaded albums from HD Tracks are in a folder called HD Tracks. Same for High Definition Tape Transfers. I also place very large Box Sets in their own folder, such as my 300 CD Mozart Box Set.

It would be very helpful if I could view a particular folder on my NAS. May other lesser software players, such as iPeng 9 and Squeezebox allow one to view within the directory structure on the disc. I hope Roon offers this essential feature soon.

Try out build 88 – it should be a lot better for this.