Roon 1.1 (Build 88) is live!

Hey everyone!

Our final release of the year is live, with lots of new features and improvements just in time for the holidays!

We’re particularly excited to deliver two new audio integrations we know many of you have been waiting for. This release also delivers big improvements to the experience of searching your collection and reading biographies and reviews in Roon, along with a number of other new features, 64 bit support, bug fixes, and performance improvements.

With RoonSpeakers apps and the first RoonReady devices going live in early 2016, we’re just getting started, so thanks everyone for a great year!

The Team at Roon Labs

Roon v1.1 (Build 88) Release Notes

Version 88, includes a number of new features, including:

  • Squeezebox Support
    Roon now streams in bit-perfect quality to Logitech Squeezebox devices. Details and set up information can be found here.

  • HQPlayer Support
    Roon now streams bit-perfect to HQPlayer! Details and set up information can be found here.

  • 64 Bit Builds For Windows and OSX
    Roon is now 64 bit! This means better performance, particularly for members with larger collections. More details here.

  • Redesigned Search
    Searching your collection in Roon has been completely overhauled, with auto-complete suggestions as you type, better integration with Tidal, and improved Top Results.

  • Redesigned Reviews and Biographies
    Reviews and artist biographies now expand in-line, making it even easier to read up on your favorites in Roon.

  • Browse TIDAL’s Discovery and Genres
    Find new favorites by browsing TIDAL’s Discovery and Genres features, right in Roon!

Other New Functionality

  • Navigate to the TIDAL equivalent for matched albums in your library
  • Playlist browser allows for optional viewing of global playlists, or playlists created by other profiles
  • Favorite multiple artists, albums, tracks, composers, or works using multi-select

Major Fixes and Improvements

A number of bugs reported by members have also been addressed, including:

  • Radio takes favorites into account, and no longer replays songs that were recently played
  • Bug fixes and improvements for AirPlay and AppleTV including faster, more robust discovery and better handling of Airplay device sleep settings
  • Redesigned networked audio settings and Signal Path
  • Better handling of OSX firewall notifications
  • Paused audio devices are released after 8 seconds. This has the biggest impact on Windows, since at that time Roon will release any exclusive mode claims to the device, allowing it to be used by other applications.
  • Fixed playback bugs specific to the Auralic VEGA in ASIO mode.
  • File handling fixes for non-standard/broken MP3, ALAC, FLAC, AIFF and WAV files
  • Better support for non-standard iTunes locations
  • View Lyrics no longer credits composer of previous track (reported here)
  • Issue preventing background metadata updating fixed
  • RoonServer no longer prevents removal of watched folders or addition of organized folders
  • Tag playback now includes tracks
  • Fixed incorrect artist counts on genre pages
  • Memory leak caused by zones going up and down has been fixed
  • Issues with alphabetical navigation on iPad relating to non-Roman characters resolved
  • Highlighting of playing track fixed for multi-disc sets
  • Hours and minutes shown for album duration
  • Unimported Tidal albums show quality on Now Playing
  • Most Played focuses are more accurate
  • Multi-Part Work Performance time issues resolved
  • Export uses Album Artist for folder, and does a better job printing tags accurately
  • Smarter warning when removing TIDAL albums from your library
  • Interface no longer flickers when loading Discover and Search Results
  • Accept Connections defaults to On once you log in
  • Play from here works correctly for multi-part works
  • Crossfade settings can now be controlled on Android/iOS
  • Your Tidal Favorites section no longer limited to 30 tracks
  • Work duration is more accurate
  • Dates now respect your operating system preferences
  • Add/Remove Tags works for multiple tracks and multi-part works
  • Full-screen Now Playing looks better when playing multi-part works
  • iPad Pro support

Thanks everyone!

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Note: Tablet versions of Roon have been submitted to the Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store. Build 88 will be live for supported Android tablets and iPads as soon as their respective approval processes complete.