Build 88 Feedback thread

Continuing the discussion from Roon 1.1 (Build 88) is live!.

Starting a thread to say thanks. The features and fixes in this release represent a great deal of work by all at Roon. Well done and thank you

Just installed the new 64-bit versions. Haven’t had a chance to look over all of the changes but right off the bat i can say the changes to the Reviews and Biographies are excellent.

So what is the best (safest) way to replace the 32bit versions with 64bit?

Edit: If I learnt to read better I would have answered my own question :confused:

Congrats and well done. Seems like a big improvement. Have to admit disappointing to see RoonSpeakers has been pushed to next release.

Very nice job. Been waiting on HQPlayer integration and 64 Bit for a while now. Looks like you nailed it. Enjoy the holidays - you guys have earned it.

Superb job guys!

DSD128 sounding awesome on my Tidal library…Thanks and Merry Christmas!

You guys rock!
Roon just keeps getting better and better. SO happy with my decision to go lifetime.

Playing beta squeeze support with unsupported RPI PiCorePlayer and hifidigi+. Sounds great!
Excellent timing, completing my setup just when I start the holidays!

Thank you for fixing iPad navigation with non-Roman characters! Been waiting for this! :smiley:

Wow, fantastic update. Well done, and happy holidays guys!

Good news! Is there an update for RoonServer as well?

yes there certainly is. I am running Roonserver 64bit with quite a large library. Highly recommend. See link below…

Thanks for the update, a great end to the year. I’ve only had a quick play, but the search seems much improved. Have a good Christmas and New Year.

Yes the update to server and client was flawless for me, and am now trying out HQ Player for the first time…lots of experimenting to do…but big thanks from me for the update.

My Roon keeps crashing now after update. Damn
Build 88 - Keeps crashing after about 1 minute

Is it just me or the required version of HQPlayer is not available for Mac yet?

This will help Installing HQPlayer beta


@ncpl Thanks Nick

New Genre and Favourite for Tidal plus a 64-bit build! Great work guys! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :grinning:

What a nice holiday present! Testing HQPlayer integration and noticed an issue with using “localhost” to address the instance of HQPlayer that is on the same machine as Roon. When i use “localhost”, my oversampling / output settings in HQPlayer did not work. However, when I replace “localhost” with the IP address of the machine, it does work. So, it’s not a big deal, except I wonder if using an IP address forces the music stream to go through the router instead of internally from Roon to HQPlayer (on the same machine) given I am getting stuttering when trying to sample to DSD64. Note DSD64 works when I using HQPlayer directly on this machine. This is on a wireless laptop and so perhaps wifi is the bottleneck.

Otherwise, the sound quality is amazing and the front end is amazing!

Thanks! Hammer.