"Improve this photo"/"Add a photo" does not let me upload images for some artists [Roon Investigating]

Normally, there is no “Improve this photo” button for artists not present in Valence database (note: images in the below screenshots only reside in my local Roon database, they are not from Valence):

However, for the following artist that might also not be in the database, the “Improve this photo” button is displayed:

Once I click on the button, Valence is not able to find a match in the dababase (no artist name displayed in the below screenshot):

And, once I hit “Confirm & Submit”, there is an error message displayed in a red box (occured several times yesterday as well as today):

If the artist is not in the Valence database, why is the “Improve this photo” button displayed?
If the artist is in the Valence database, why cannot I upload images for it to Valence?

Not sure what you are using to get these results?

I have no problem uploading a new photo when the artist has none at all and it going to new status of pending approval.
This is from ipad, win10pc and even Android phone.

So it sounds like something else is going on here

For the record - I have managed to successfully upload images to Valence for tens of artists with success, including several artists previously not having any images in Valence at all.

This thread is (so far) only concerning the specific artist in the screenshot - “Walkmanz”. Roon and Valence behaves differently for this specific artist, as per the above screenshots.

That was NOT truly clear in your first post IMHO.
But not going to debate the subject, hopefully someone will figure it out then.

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Well, Walkmanz is in Roon’s database at some point since I can find them with search:

And, when I click upload a photo, I get to

I can get to the next page as well with no error messages. I did not go further and upload anything.

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Would you mind posting the exact URL you are getting as part of your walkmanz2 screenshot? Mine is:

I’ve tried different devices, tried to erase my own local image of the artist, tried incognito web browser window, tried different web browsers… nothing helped so far.


Using the URL displayed to Rugby (ending with different digits than the URL displayed to me), I was able to upload images for the artist just fine with my Valence profile. I am now waiting on their approval so that I can see if they get displayed for me correctly in Roon.

Will report back if the workaround indeed fixed the issue.

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@Rugby The workaround with the correct Valence URL for the artist supplied by you has been successful, I can now see my approved photo being loaded for the artist in my Roon app directly from Valence. Thank you!

For the record: When I now click on the “Improve this photo” button, I still keep getting the incorrect URL. So the bug still persists, despite the workaround.

As I continue uploading images to hundreds of artists, I stumbled across the issue again - this time with artist ISUA:

Could @Rugby , @beka or anyone else post the Valence URL displayed to you in a web browser after clicking on “Add a photo” for the ISUA artist? Mine is:


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Works great, thank you very much! :+1:

Finally managed to go through my whole library…

… and the issue fortunately occured (and keeps occuring) to me just for the two previously mentioned artists. Strange anomaly but not frequent enough to deep dive into it.

Hopefully someone having the same issue can at least find this thread for a functional workaround!

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Hey @my_changed_username and all :wave:

I’m sorry our input was this much delayed. However, this thread was not overlooked.

We’ve actually kept an eye on what you’ve been reporting and our team is now investigating this behavior.

Please, stay tuned. We’ll follow up with updates here :nerd_face:

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Hi @beka ,

one clue that I found just yesterday:

(Despite me seeing Artist photo correctly in the Artist screen, it does not get displayed in the Now Playing screen. This indicates to me that this issue is not Valence-related, rather that something is wrong in my local Roon database for these two artists. This behavior does not seem to occur for any other artist in my library.)

My daughter, a huge Roon and even huger twenty one pilots fan, asked me why the photo you have on the “Overview” page is so old? I told her there’s a great new feature where she can “Improve this photo”. And she did, sending you all the positioned requirements along with a current photo. That was on July 30th.

So, my question: How do these photos get approved, and how long does the process take? Included below are the “Incorrect” photo (her words) and the new photo she submitted.

As always, thanks for your help.

Incorrect (old):

Correct (newly submitted):

Hey @Neil_Small,

Thank you so much for sharing Art Director with your daughter! We appreciate her help with updating photos of her favorite bands. The approval process has slowed a bit recently as people have cycled through the Valence admin ranks.

We have a few new people getting onboarded for that now and approvals should pick up after that.

We hope that the delay hasn’t dampened your daughter’s enthusiasm. Please pass along our thanks and let her know that her images will appear soon. :pray:t2:

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@jamie , any updates or progress on Art Director/Improve this photo? Thanks.

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