Improved sourcing of artist artwork

36% (2871/7870) of the artists in my library have no artist pictures. Many of them are easily found using google, but manually adding that many artist images is a mammoth task that very few would attempt. Could Roon not make improvements in this regard leveraging Google image search, even if it meant they’re in an unapproved queue requiring accept/reject by the user?


Totally agree, this certainly is an issue for me

To broaden the scope of the request a bit: higher quality images would also often help to create more of an “Wow” effect. I understand it’s not easy to do but sometimes, like for (long) dead classical composers, the thumbnail sized images (Rovi sourced I guess) are a laugh. And often a Wikimedia alternative is available and might be used without much IP hassle to go trough. IP issues btw led Google to change it’s image search so

may not be an option and it’s most likely too much to ask for a proper (web) search mechanism inside the roon GUI.

What would be cool would be some kind of an API for labels (and potentially artists) to submit their data directly to the roon data set. Now if they’d be willing to do so I’d rather not guess (most major ones would probably not care). But some (more specialist and hifi crowd compatible :wink:) labels (I’d ask for example Hyperion, Songlines or Ambray if they’d try it …) maybe would - and in return could add an “available with full metadata data on roon” sticker to respective releases. It may help push sales for them, too. That way, we’d get better artist pictures and metadata … just dreaming.

I guess I’d like to add a request/comment to this string. So much of the artist-level artwork means nothing to me. In other words, most of it creates no “immediate recognition” help like the album covers do. So I find the artist artwork irrelevant and in fact sometimes detrimental to sifting through artists. I personally would be better off with a simple alphabetical list devoid of any artwork; my scrolling would be way faster. I’m not claiming that no artist artwork would be better. It could be that better artist artwork would be better, but that assumes we all recognize bands the same way. Just something to maybe think about. Thanks for listening.

(If I’m being stupid, and there’s a “hide artwork” setting at the artist level, please politely smack me in the head with that reply!)

Why not put your requirements in a separate feature request to turn off artwork and give you string lists.

Yeah, I agree. This makes the artist/composer browser useless. We should do better.

There’s a general project in flight to improve the quality of Roon’s imagery, and figuring out better solutions for artist/composer artwork is part of it. I would really like to see this happen, too.