Improving Japanese Translations (日本語翻訳について)

(Yoshihiro Sasaki) #1

This is a report of Japanese translation unique issue.
I found a truncation on the Japanese translated screen. See below the red-marked portion has been truncated.

This is because the Japanese text does not use a space to divide words. So the system could not know the location of the word wrap. I discussed with Mike and Danny about this issue and I was suggested to use “invisible-marker” for intentional line-break location.

Note: we cannot use CR-LF character in the translation because it may cause unexpected result in multi-platform software like Roon.

Danny has also added a nice feature to see the “invisible-space” on the translation windows by showing “␣”. So you can easily understand there is the intentional line-break marker. It looks like below.

I will update and report the result on the next build.
There are many other similar issues (ex Track editor dialog). Please update the translation with this in mind.

(Danny Dulai) #2

If you want to type this character, you can copy it from text at the top of the translation page.

(Danny Dulai) #3

@Yoshihiro_Sasaki, How is it going?

I see others helping… Is the quality improving?

(Yoshihiro Sasaki) #4

I found the latest version(V1.5 build354) and I applied that.
However the truncation issue has not fixed. Also other improved JP texts are not revised.
Have you used the latest JP resource for the latest build?

(Mike) #5

Hey @Yoshihiro_Sasaki@danny and I took a look at this today, and it seems like there may be some confusion here, since a number of the strings that included the “invisible space” were actually voted down by other translators :frowning:

So, we fixed some of the votes, and the next release should include your strings.

I also pulled a list of everyone who has translated or voted for Japanese translations. @Japanese_Translators – please see above and let us know if you have any questions about how to use the “invisible-space” when translating Japanese.

Thanks all!

(currycooqoo) #6

I’m sorry.
I did not know about “invisible-space”, so I usually translated it.
to correct.

(Mike) #7

No need to apologise, we really appreciate all the effort!

The important thing is that everyone understands how the “invisible space” is used, and also how important it is to vote for good translations.

(Yoshihiro Sasaki) #8

I confirmed the Zero-Width space works correctly in the latest build.