In audio output on the remote, i don't find the audio output of the remote

I am a new user and i have some issues with the audio output selection. On two of my remote devices i do not find the audio output of that specific device, so for example on my ipad when i access the audio zone selection i do not see the local output. The other remote where i have this issue is a recent (<6 months old) dell xps. I do not have this issue on an older laptop.

I am using roon version build 99 on the server and pc remotes and build 94 on the ipad

All material in the chain have been updated with the latest versions as of today

I’m pretty new to this myself but I think you need to give more information, what exactly are you expecting to show up on the iPad screenshot?

What are you playing Roon to, eg a DAC, AirPlay device, SBT?

A screenshot of the PC that “works” would also be useful.

Still probably won’t be able to help personally but you’ve a better chance of someone else picking it up.


On the screen you attached, what do you see in AUDIO SETUP ?

Thank you,
when i choose audio zone on my pc i see local output that i can then select (imùage)

roon is played to the audiocards of the remote no external dacs yet

Thank you here is the image of the non working pc

here is the one on the working laptop

Hi Patrick,

The iOS app doesn’t expose any private zones. That will come with RoonSpeakers.

On the laptop that’s not got any private zones, what playback devices are shown in Windows ?

Thank you Andy, what do u mean with roonspeakers ? i just want to use on the ipad the headphone outpot (to connect to an amplifier) ?

The quick answer is that you cannot output on an IOS device’'s headphone jack, it can only to be used as a control point. There are technical reasons caused by IOS itself. If you want a tablet that can also output to headphones go Android.

ok thank you did not know that and did not see that one, now just solving the pc issue then. I have for your info also tried on an older android samsung tab2 but apparently roon does not work with that one

As I understand it If you give the Realtek Digital Output a name it will then show up as an audio zone to play music.
This should then show up on your iPAD.


You cannot play to an iPad yet it can only be used as a remote control, so will be unable to see it as an output.

Will it not show up as a remote output to be controlled by the ipad (but not obviously play through the ipad headphone socket)


Yes, but Patrick is looking for Private zones connected to the iPad and a laptop, not zones connected to the Core. The iPad doesn’t have Private zones yet. The laptop should have some, depending on what audio devices are running on the laptop and whether it has USB drivers installed etc.